Birth Plans

by Ambra (Lebanon, TN)

My midwife wants me to write out a birth plan. I'll be in a hospital and this is the first time writing a birth plan.

I don't plan on being there for the labor, just showing up to push. But, I still need one for them.

I was wondering if you had any good websites or sample plans to give me an idea on what all I need to include.


Hi Ambra,

I have personally never really made out a birth plan because I've never seen it necessary. I think it could be helpful for a hospital birth, though.

Even though you only plan to go to the hospital to push (which I think is a great idea!), a birth plan also has your wishes for your baby on it – delayed cord clamping, no bottles, delaying eye drops, no/delayed vaccinations, etc. So it can be helpful to you from that perspective.

I recommend you have several copies of your birth plan. Get them all signed by your midwife (and the managing OB in her practice, if there is one). Have a couple of copies with you when you go and have one filed with your chart at the midwife's office.

I have a birth plan kit that walks you through how to create a birth plan, step-by-step.  You can get the kit and watch the tutorial videos here:

Write the Perfect Natural Birth Plan

Good luck as you prepare for your baby's birth!

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