Birth Plans

by Ambra (Lebanon, TN)

My midwife wants me to write out a birth plan. I'll be in a hospital and this is the first time writing a birth plan.

I don't plan on being there for the labor, just showing up to push. But, I still need one for them.

I was wondering if you had any good websites or sample plans to give me an idea on what all I need to include.


Hi Ambra,

I have personally never really made out a birth plan because I've never seen it necessary. I think it could be helpful for a hospital birth, though.

Even though you only plan to go to the hospital to push (which I think is a great idea!), a birth plan also has your wishes for your baby on it – delayed cord clamping, no bottles, delaying eye drops, no/delayed vaccinations, etc. So it can be helpful to you from that perspective.

I recommend you have several copies of your birth plan. Get them all signed by your midwife (and the managing OB in her practice, if there is one). Have a couple of copies with you when you go and have one filed with your chart at the midwife's office.

I have a birth plan kit that walks you through how to create a birth plan, step-by-step.  You can get the kit and watch the tutorial videos here:

Write the Perfect Natural Birth Plan

Good luck as you prepare for your baby's birth!

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Kristen is childbirth educator, student midwife, and a mama to 8 - all born naturally! She has spent years helping mamas have healthy babies, give birth naturally, and enjoy the adventure of motherhood. Find her on her website and helping families through her online childbirth class

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