Bouncing Baby Boys

Handsome little guy in a fedora

There’s something so special about sweet baby boys – gorgeous little newborn guys, bouncing baby boys, and handsome little tots. Today’s gallery features images of the little guys. Lets hear it for the boys!

Gorgeous baby boy after his bath

Gorgeous little fellow with beautiful brown eyes.  I really like the bath towel shots.

Dapper little guy!

This dapper little guy is all dressed up – it’s really a lot of fun to dress the littlest guys like mini-men 😉

Cute toddler - he's all boy!

I picked this fellow because he’s all boy, through and through!  Rambunctious toddler with a glint of mischief in his eyes!

Classic sleeping baby boy

This little guy is so sweet and just classic boy.  Have you noticed that bold stripes and blue jeans work for a boy today – and in photos from 50 years ago?  Classic!

Beautiful eyes smiling baby boy

Happy little toddler guy having a snack.  Just gorgeous eyes.

Classic shot of a newborn baby boy

Another classic here – this is a shot for a newborn little man in a classic sweater and collar.  Perfect for a treasured memory – and to show him how much he looks like Daddy’s identical baby portrait!

Bubbly baby boy

Fun modern twist for this little man.  Greys are in – and so are long and adorably goofy baby hats.  Lovely blue eyes!

Beautiful baby boy with blue hat

A sweet take on little boy blue here.  I have always enjoyed finding great hats for my babies and this one is too cute!!

Another dapper little guy in a hat

Dapper little guy – love the golf cap look.  It just immediately makes you think he’s clever!

Sweet boy sleeps with his bear

Another classic shot – little boy with his teddy.  Those years go so fast – treasure them while they’re here – and take a picture to remember them by!

Sweet sad baby boy

Sweet sad little guy just melted my heart!

Stunning little man in green

This breathtaking tot is the kind of stylish, intelligent little fellow that makes us want our own little boy 😉

Sleepy newborn baby boy

So precious!  Sleeping newborn boy and his buddy – another shot to remember.

Beautiful baby boy with pink cheeks

This little fellow’s fashion sense is impeccable (okay, so maybe it’s Mom we can thank) – but the little bit of pink on his nose and cheeks and is just too cute!

Precious newborn baby boy with brown hair

Classic newborn boy shot!  So sweet it makes me want one!  I love his little head of dark hair, too.

Little man playing in the leaves

Fun in the fall leaves – with a great hat and a great coat – what more could a little boy want?!

Little aviator man

Great twist on a little man’s classic aviator cap – love the knit and the buttons, and of course the alert little man brings it to life 🙂

Newborn baby boy in basket

Precious newborn boy in a basket!  Bold strips and blue on blue contrast are a great look with the terrycloth in the Moses basket 🙂

Little boy and berries

Little guy out exploring the berries in his basket!  So cute!

Newborn baby boy in soft nest

Beautiful precious newborn in white on fuzzy blue <3

Handsome little guy in a fedora

Love this dapper little fellow in a fedora!!

Little man in a plaid shirt

This little fellow’s plaid shirt is perfect – as is his sweet sleeping face.  All boy!

Little guy with a big grin

Bright-eyed little guy in sweet, soft baby overalls.

Little man in a dress shirt

This one is perfect!  Sleepy newborn boy in a dress shirt – perfect capture of a little man in the making!

Little boy blue with towel

My favorite little boy blue capture – adorable chunky boy with bold blues.  Really nice!

Heart melting baby boy

Sweet little newborn guy <3

LIttle fellow explores during tummy time

This little fellow is off to explore the world!

LIttle baby boy in an elfin hat

Awww!  So sweet.  I like the blanket this little guy is on.

Little boy blue with his paci

Snuggly little baby boy!

Sweet photoshoot on a boat

This is a fantastic shoot setup too – little blue rowboat with burlap and a fleece pad to contrast it.  And baby’s hat with an anchor really tops it off!

Breathtaking little man

This little guy is so sweet and alert!  Have a great day <3

Handsome little guy in a fedora

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