Bruno’s Birth

So after a long week, at one day past my due date, I finally started to feel cramping and uncomfortable, like my belly was tightening and letting go. This would happen every 15 minutes or so, but wasn't really that predictable since it would come and go and last different amounts of time. I was sure that the baby was going to start coming soon, so we move all our hospital bags near the door and I did my bet to relax while we timed how often I would contract. I could barely sleep, but I did get some rest, it was really uncomfortable.

For hours the contractions got stronger and closer together. I tried lots of different positions to increase my comfort and found that just breathing one contraction at a time worked the best for me. At around 3:30am the contractions got really regular and we called the hospital and they told us to come in. So I took a quick shower and we my dad drove us to the hospital to check in.

Once they checked us they dressed me in hospital gown and hooked up a belt around my belly to monitor how the baby was doing. I spent about two hours contracting in bed, walking around or on the birth ball. The contractions were getting worse all the time, it was so painful I tried not to cry. My boyfriend was trying to be nice and held my hand and gave me back rubs from the instructions the nurse was giving him. He was so lost, so it was really nice that the nurses helped us both.

Around 6:00 am my OB told me that it was getting time to push and moved me into the tub. I wanted to get in the water right away, but my OB wanted me to move around to help the baby come down.

I spent a long time pushing while leaning over the edge of the tub or squatting on my hands and knees like a frog. The water was really calming and lifted the weight of my belly so it didn't hurt being in the same position for a while. After a very long time, my OB said I was making “real progress ” and asked me change positions to rest my back against the side of the tub.

When the next contraction came, my OB asked me to push hard while they held my legs and feet in place and I could feel the head start coming a bit of the way and when I stopped pushing, go right back. It felt like the head was part way out for a long time, and I couldn’t tell if there was any progress. The nurse told me that with each push the head made it just a little bit farther.

With the last few pushes I wasn't getting any farther, when the OB told me to sit up on the edge of the tub. As the next contraction started, the nurse held me up from behind while I pushed. She kept telling me to push down hard as possible while holding my breath and making no noise so all my energy would go into pushing. As I pushed, she kept telling me how I was doing and giving me encouragement “the head is coming now”, “almost there” and annoying repeated “keep pushing”!

I pushed so hard and felt such a big release when his head popped out and everyone in the room was like “whoa!”. My OB was like “He's really big Amy, rest for the next contraction and get ready to push”. With the next contraction, I pushed really hard and I could see his head turning and the OB pulling on his shoulders to get him out. It didn't hurt as much as the head, but that push felt so much longer. When his shoulders and arms came out, she pulled the rest of his body down to his hips out and told me that it would be “just one more push and the baby would be out”.

I got so excited I could hardly wait and started pushing again and then the rest of him just popped right out with a splosh of water! Everyone was so happy and cheerful and I wanted to hold my baby right away. The OB said they had to check on him, but would bring him back. So, they cut the cord right away, and moved him to the side where they suctioned out his nose and mouth. Everyone kept congratulating me and telling me how huge looked.

Just born Bruno

After he was suctioned and cleaned up they put him in my arms and it was sooooo wonderful just to sit there with him in my arms. I had about 3 minutes with him before they took him away and checked on how I was doing. I tore fairly badly but was feeling really good. After I delivered the gross looking placenta (why is that thing so gross!) they stitched me up and gave me an pads to catch any left over bleeding.

Baby Bruno – Born May 29, 2015 at 7:36 am
11 pounds 5 ounces
22 and 1/2 inches

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Just born Bruno

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