Christine’s Story

I emigrated to the Bahamas from the UK back in August 2004 with my husband and four children, ages 9,6,3 and 5 months. I had only visited the Bahamas once prior to the move, so it was a big step and we were all looking forward to the beach and non-stop sunshine. Three weeks after we arrived, however, our island was severely hit by hurricane Frances. It raged on for eighteen hours – fortunately my baby, Eden, slept through most of it and I was able to help bail out the house we were staying in, which was flooding.

At 5am, I finally collapsed into a soaked bed – and Eden woke up at 6am. I picked her up from her cot and took her downstairs – the water was up to my knees and it was pitch dark – the power had gone out at the beginning of the storm. There was no tap water, either. I sat down with her and put her to my breast as the wind still howled outside and I was so thankful that, in the middle of this terrible situation, I was able to provide for my baby. I cannot imagine how I would have coped without water or power if she was bottle fed. This thought came to me many more times over the following days – it was over a week before power was restored and when the water came back on, we found it was contaminated and unuseable.

Three weeks later we were hit again, by hurricane Jeanne – and once again I was grateful for the natural ability to feed my baby, not only for the nutrition I was giving her, but also for the comfort I got from the closeness during those miserable weeks.

Christine is also the dedicated webmama over at Homemade Baby Food Recipes, a wonderful site on making your own baby food!

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