Class #4 – Hypnobabies Home Study Course

Class #4 of Hypnobabies was a great week and it’s making me feel like I’m really going to have a baby 😉 It’s funny to say that, but sometimes being pregnant, giving birth, and having a new family member just doesn’t seem real… but Class #4 really starts to get into the actual birth, so it makes it feel so much more real.

Hypnobabies recommends packing/preparing some goodies for your nurse and/or midwives!

I’m glad I started Hypnobabies early, because the past couple of weeks I actually got pretty off-track. First we had a holiday week and I’ve been working hard on a project. Then we had a week of everyone being sick. I’ve finally gotten through my Class #4 reading materials, though, and even though I haven’t done my listening every day, I have continued to practice all of the practical skills I’ve learned thus far and they’re really helpful.

Weekly Assignments

This class starts with the same general assignments for each week — eating well and staying healthy!

You’re also assigned to go back over your Birth Preferences plan, which I talked about putting together in my blog post about Class #3. It’s a good reminder to review it regularly, because I did make a couple of little updates to mine. I still feel good about it, and I’m looking forward to talking things over with my midwife.

I haven’t been listening to my joyful pregnancy affirmations as I should, and I really need to just turn that track on every day, no matter who is around. I feel a little nervous putting it on around Scott because I don’t want to annoy him with it, but I need to just play it because it’s helpful for my well-being.

This week of course also includes written materials and getting into the CD sessions more deeply — the practice comes to directing anesthesia around your body, and that’s something I’ve really been working on and finding helpful, especially at night when my hips and pelvic joints feel so very achey.

Class #4 Reading

As I said above, this week’s reading assignments move into the early birthing time and I’m really excited about that. I guess it’s the little thrill that my baby’s birth is coming, and I’m going on this journey again. It’s something I’m looking forward to and enjoy preparing for 🙂

Your birth partner also really comes into the reading and practicing in this class. Scott and I haven’t gone over anything really, yet, so I’m not sure how we’ll work this in. I am really working strongly with cue words, so I will talk to him about that specific language and see if he’s willing to use that as he helps me during our baby’s birthing time.

We’re supposed to do the mini-script together frequently, but I don’t think I’m going to get him doing the Pink Kit and Hypnobabies stuff, and I want him to review the PK with me. So I think I’ll have him look over some of the materials as we’re going over PK lessons and talk to him about the specific cue words because those are what are really important to integrate into his coaching.

The rest of the reading covers early birthing time. There’s a packing list for going to the hospital or birth center. Even though we’re planning a home birth I always like these checklists — I go over to see what I may want to gather together in a basket with our birth supplies. These things are generally for “pampering” during birthing and I like having that little basket of pampering supplies ready to go!! There’s also a sheet of questions to ask when you tour your birth facility.

The next reading section is on visualizing your birth, something I really enjoy!! There are many great tips for good visualization, and I’ve started to create the little “movie” of our baby’s birth in my head. I’d already spent time visualizing the actual moment of Riceball’s crowing and birthing, but now I’m enjoying picturing everything from early on through postpartum time. I like doing this as I drift off to sleep at night 🙂

There’s also plenty of information on how to know when birthing times are beginning, and what happens physiologically to mama’s body as that happens. There’s information on timing birthing wave and what to do during your early birthing time.

You also get a nice introduction the quick reference booklet, which is a good resource I’m sure I’ll be delving more deeply into in the weeks to come.

Class #4 CD Track Sessions

This week brings in the Hypnotic Childbirth #1 track and I really like it!! I just enjoy all the suggestions on having a lovely birthing time with strong, effective birthing waves. There’s also the introduction of a cue your birth partner can use with you. The track gives a couple of variations of this cue, one for a gentle touch on the forehead and one for a firm hand on the shoulder.

I know having someone touch my forehead while I’m working with my birthing time would drive me nuts, but a firm hand on the shoulder is a good cue. Like I said, I’m not sure if I’ll ask Scott to work through these with me or not… maybe just focus on the cue words. His hands are usually holding mine or his arms are around me as I have my hands around his neck once birthing is really active. That has worked for us and it’s what I’m visualizing for this birth.

But I do definitely want to go over cue words with him. I’m using my “Peace” cue consistently throughout the day and that’s been powerful for me personally with pelvic aches, etc. so I know I will want any words during my birthing time.

The Deepening script is also used again this week. I find myself really drifting off to sleep (or at least it feels like it) during deepening now. This could be because of my extra exhaustion from working on projects and getting farther along in pregnancy. I don’t mind it much and just enjoy and work with what I hear as I kind of drift in and out of a sleepy state.

Things to Come

Next week I’m going to prioritize napping and Hypnobabies sessions again since we’re really getting so close to baby’s birth (I’m 32 weeks now). I’m looking forward to getting into Week 5, which covers more about the birthing time! Baby’s birth is getting so close, and I know that with the holiday season upon us the next few weeks at least will fly!


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Going Through Hypnobabies with “Riceball”

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