Cod Liver Oil and Prenatal Vitamins?

by Joanna (Michigan)

Hi! I’m wondering if you think it is safe to take both a prenatal vitamin AND Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Is there a risk of getting too much vitamin A and D? I take the New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal, which contains 5000 IU of vitamin A as beta-carotene, and 1000 IU of Vitamin D3. Thanks!


Hi Joanna,

It is safe to take the cod liver oil and the prenatal. Your body won’t convert the beta-carotene if it doesn’t need the Vitamin A, and the fermented cod liver oil Vitamin A source is far superior.

You’re only getting a small dose of Vitamin D with the cod liver oil, so your total daily dose will probably be under 2,000IU which is a safe level for pregnancy (I think even higher is probably safe).

Cod liver oil isn’t always easy to take throughout pregnancy but it’s wonderful for your baby. Great choice on the prenatals, too!

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