EC – Not Seeing Signals From My 4 Week Old?

by Jennifer


My baby is 4 weeks old and we have been saying ‘ssssst’ every time he poops for 3.5 weeks. But he still doesn’t seem to associate the sound. I can’t see any signals he’s giving either. Any advice?


Hi Jennifer,

It can be a little hard to tell a newborn’s cues. I’ve usually relied on timing with my newborns – just offering frequently. Many newborns poop a lot and it passes easily along with their pees. There’s not so much grunting as with an older baby that has a more formed stool (though it’s normal to have grunting as well).

I would rely on timing if I were you.

A 4 week old is still very new and sleepy, too, so he may not seem to associate your cue sound with pooping yet. Generally you’ll notice them associate it with peeing first. However, other things may cue him better – such as having his diaper taken off, or the cool feeling of the potty on his bottom. Even the position you hold him in can be a cue.

Just pay attention to his timing to help you get an idea of how often to offer the potty – other than that “go with the flow” and relax. You’ll get to know each other and pick up on more cues as he continues to grow.

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