EC Peesy Sleep Gown Giveaway!

Baby clothes are not very friendly to families using elimination communication. For some lucky babies, that doesn't matter much. They live where it's warm year-round… and clothing is optional! Throw a t-shirt on for sun protection and baby is ready to roll. Unfortunately that doesn't cut it up here, in the great white north 😉 That's why I'm always on the lookout for EC-friendly baby clothes.

I'm thrilled to share that Heidi recently reached out to me to share her new business, EC Peesy (isn't that a fabulous name?!). Heidi launched EC Peesy to give parents a source for convenient, cute clothes for babies – and still give frequent potty visits!


Heidi graciously offered to send me an EC Peesy Snuggly Shirt for Sadie to try – and she's giving me the chance to offer a Sleepy gown to one lucky reader! You get your choice on color and size 😀

I love Sadie's shirt… it is warm and cuddly, which is wonderful for our weather. It's also super-soft. But my delight in it is nothing compared to my children's…

…they're certain that Sadie now looks like an authentic Star Trek crew member 😉


I just think she looks cute as a button (and I've always had a thing for ringer-style shirts).

Heidi also included a pair of Lamington Merino wool socks for Sadie and they are wonderful!!! Seriously. Wonderful. Don't tell anyone, but I put them on Sadie two days in a row. They are so soft and they are the perfect weight to keep her warm but not sweaty. And they do not fall off. They just stay on, even though she's busy, busy! They look super cute, too.


EC Peesy has a few different kinds of socks, as well as diaper-belts, a really useful tool for EC'ing families. Oh, and you can get a diaper belt with ruffles for your little girly-girl!

I can't wait to see what new designs and outfits Heidi designs for EC Peesy in the coming seasons!

I really do believe that gowns are one of the best outfits you can get for newborn and in-arms EC'd babies, so I'm thrilled to give you the chance to win a gown of your color & size choice from EC Peesy. Your baby's gown is made from the same material as Sadie's shirt – so soft and cuddly!

This giveaway is only open for two days so get your entries in! Open to US residents, and you'll receive your gift in the form of a coupon code for 100% discount from

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