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Enthusiastic may be an understatement when I come to sharing some that’s really helped me. Right now I’m well beyond enthusiastic because Andrea has released a new edition of her already excellent book Go Diaper Free. This new edition tackles EC ground that has literally never been covered before (and has left us all… including myself… mystified)! Yes, this version of Go Diaper Free covers how to EC your baby without having a naked child running around all day… and how to move smoothly from elimination communication to EC graduation!

Read on for my thoughts on Go Diaper Free 2.0:

Andrea has made a lot of updates to Go Diaper Free, but I think my favorites are her sections on Responsible diaper free time and on the “Building Blocks of Potty Independence.”

I’ve EC’d four babies now, and all of them spent time as toddlers running around without pants on. Cassidy and Brennan made the transition from pant-less to underwear and pants smoothly. Galen didn’t! Galen would never have accidents – as long as his pants were off. As soon as I put on undies or pants, accidents started. I definitely knew the confusion so common among parenting using elimination communication: how do I get my child do stay dry with no diaper, but with clothes on???

Andrea has tackled this question head-on with her section on keeping your child diaper free – responsibly. She covers how to work diaper free times so they’re a tool for you and a step on your child’s journey to potty independence. More importantly, she covers how to avoid making diaper free time equal “training you to go potty on the floor” time.

Her approach is empowering to both you and your baby – it makes sense and it gives plenty of guidance. As Honor and I approach that time of planning to get more and diaper free, I’m referring to Andrea’s guidelines more and more. I want a diaper free tot… and a dry floor!

Potty Independence

Andrea does a great job combining encouragement for you to listen to your instincts with practical, sensible advice. Many parents, especially those using elimination communication, shy away from harsher “forced” techniques of potty training. In fact, the term “training” is totally out of vogue now, replaced with what I suppose people think is gentler “learning.”

Go Diaper Free 2.0 addresses these worries right up front, and encourages you that your toddler really does want to achieve potty independence (and probably sooner rather than later). Andrea takes your hand and helps you realize ways you can guide your EC’d toddler toward the independence he or she is already fiercely seeking. I love her matter-of-fact style because it’s perfect for parenting toddlers! They need somebody calm, resourceful, and most of all, matter-of-fact in the face of the emotional ups and downs of life as a little kid 😉 These potty independence steps fit the bill and will give you the confidence to build the tools of freedom into your tot.

EC’ing Olders, Ditching Diapers, and Expanded Troubleshooting

Andrea has added even more to Go Diaper Free 2.0 (it’s info-packed enough to have a commercial announcing “wait, there’s more!”)

She’s been creating a “working procedure” for parents who are starting EC with young toddlers. I’ve been studying it in depth as I work with Honor to help get back on the diaper free track since our move. As with everything, it’s encouraging, practical, and matter-of-fact. This is also a good time to mention Go Diaper Free’s private support forum, because these steps have been developed there with real parents, real babies, and real toddlers. I’ve even poked my head in to get some advice for Honor 😉

Other topics, like ditching the diapers for good, nighttime EC, naked time observation, and more have been expanded and detailed.

The sections on “potty pauses” and “troubleshooting” have also been expanded as Andrea has worked with real parents and babies. She shares her experience and advice in an accessible and thorough way.

All in all, I’ve been impressed with this revision of Go Diaper Free (in fact, I read the whole book again… and know I will yet again before our new baby arrives next year!)

I recommend it even more highly before, especially with the new sections on diaper free time, potty independence, and working with young toddlers. Go Diaper Free was great before, and 2.0 makes it even better. It’s my go-to guide for making elimination communication work for my little one, myself, and our whole family 🙂

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