EC’ing Corwin, 4 Month Update!

I can't believe that Corwin is already four months old. Things have flown by so quickly with his early days, but all-in-all it has gone very nicely.

Corwin started off as a pretty laid-back, mild-mannered babe, but got really cranky after a bout of illness in the family. I'm frankly relieved to say that he's returned back to his mostly mild-mannered self!! That makes elimination communication simpler, and it makes life easier all around!!


Squirts and Spurts

In her book Go Diaper Free, Andrea Olson shares that babies sometimes pee and/or poop in spurts. One example she gives is early in the morning: babies use the potty in the morning only to wet a diaper a few minutes later! Andrea explains that this isn't a “new” pee – it's just a continuation of the full bladder baby woke up with. She notes that poops often come in spurts, too.

This is definitely true with Corwin. I didn't notice it as much with Honor, but it's obvious with Corwin. Because of this I tend to offer him a chance to potty when he wakes up, and then again after 10-15 minutes. If I catch these he usually stays dry for a long period of time afterwards. We're doing pretty well catching pees, especially in the morning, following this pattern.

He also poos in spurts, so I tend to let him sit on the potty for a little while to make sure he's cleared everything out. He's a content potty-sitter and doesn't mind this.

Poop Troubles

We have had some issues with constipation with Corwin. I'm not sure exactly why – he's still getting only breastmilk. It could be something in my diet but I haven't done a log yet to see if there are any correlations (actually, in writing this I think it may be a good idea to do it if he begins having issues again).

Corwin doesn't spit up too much (though he is drooling profusely!!). I've noticed, in fact, that the amount he spits up is directly related to when he last pooped! If it's been a couple of days, he spits up more. It's almost like his intestines are putting pressure on his tummy. I haven't noticed this with other babies – have you noticed it with yours?

I've used an infant suppository a couple of times when Corwin seemed really miserable, but I prefer not to do this. They're safe, but not particularly enjoyable – so it's only when clearing things seems to be better than leaving him stopped up. I've also given him a little bit of infant probiotic mixed up with some water and taken more probiotics myself – I think those measures helped, too.

Corwin is generally an every-other-day breastfed baby pooper. I secretly (or maybe not so secretly!) wish he was one who went every day just because it would make me feel better. But all of my babies have tended towards this pattern until they start solids (when they get pretty regularly once-a-day).

I'll keep observing him and see how things go… and I do think I'll watch to see how my diet is affecting him!

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  1. contented potty sitter!! too funny my little one does the same thing, at 14 months old now he likes to get himself a book and sit on the pot- even if he doesn’t go!
    He also used to be a poop in spurts baby. But every single day. My eldest was not like this. He’d sit, quickly do his thing and then move on and stay dry. But I could also count on him needing to pee every 25-40 mins until he was about 6 months old and they where just little squirts of pee. While DS2 has always held it for a minimum of 2hrs and then let loose the flood gates.. Children are all so different!

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