EC’ing Galen, 11 Month Update

I can’t believe that Galen is getting close to a year old. It seems like just yesterday that I was holding a little newborn over the potty. But now I have a little one who crawls everywhere and is pulling up on everything.

DSCF0070-1Life is busy for us. Since the school year started I’ve been keeping Galen in diapers more.  He has a time while I’m giving Cassidy her lesson where he’s playing alone in a playpen (yes, we own one of those!) and I have him in a diaper while he’s in that.

He and I have been getting up really early in the mornings too.  He’s been wakeful early in the mornings.  The early morning time gives me an opportunity to get a little work done in peace, so I haven’t minded getting up.  The house is really cold at that time in the morning, though, so I’ve been bundling him up in a diaper and warm pants and letting him play on the floor while I work.

One benefit is I’ve noticed he’s often dry if I get right up with him in the morning.  He’ll go on his potty almost right away.  Most of his poops lately have been during this time period too.  I’m catching most of the poops, which is good.

I tend to miss the morning pees while we’re doing school lessons because he’s in a diaper and is heading all over the room.  It was actually much easier when he was a newborn and he was in my lap all the time – I just got a feeling about when it was time for him to go.

I’ve thought about just starting to offer him the potty at set times in the morning, as we change from one lesson to the next.  Without doing that most of the pees I catch are right before or after sleep periods.  He’s still taking a morning and an afternoon nap.

The Weather Challenge… Again

We had a pretty cool summer and now, in mid-October, it’s already pretty cold here.  It’s 34 degrees outside now.  Even inside the house it’s cooler and we need long sleeves and long pants on.  I haven’t quite decided how I’ll handle this yet.

We have wood floors, so even in split pants I worry Galen will get chilly crawling and sitting on the floor.  Last year it was easy to keep him in split pants because he was always in my lap covered in a little blanket.

I feel like with the cool weather at this point just offering the potty at set times will be our best option.  I’ve found it pretty easy to continue to catch bowel movements but I’d like to catch more pees again.  I’m also looking forward to when Galen starts to walk and we can teach him to get to the potty on his own :p

He remains pretty content to use the potty when I hold him over it.  Sometimes he fusses and doesn’t go, sometimes he fusses and does go, sometimes he just goes without any fussing.  I haven’t really figured out his fussing on the potty – the only thing I can think is he’s annoyed at having to stop what he’s doing to sit on the pot!

Even with the challenges of an older, mobile baby, and the start of very chilly weather, I’m really enjoying EC’ing Galen and I’m very glad we went with it.  It’s so nice to avoid dirty diapers!!

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  1. Seems my son is at the same point as Galen. If he’s fussy and doesn’t want to potty, it is usually because he is more interested in exploring. A toy or safe household item introduced on the potty is one that wins him over to stay on the pot to finish his business!

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