EC’ing Galen – 12 Month Update

I’ve been incredibly busy lately, and because of that I haven’t been as good about offering Galen the potty.

galen-potty-12It’s sometimes hard to find a balance between living life and offering the potty.  For me the thing that has always worked the best is timing.  Just getting to know about how often my baby goes potty.

This past week I picked a day and jotted down when Galen went to the bathroom so I could get a feel for how often I should be offering potty opportunities.

He’s not peeing nearly as often as he did when he was a tiny baby 😉  And since he’s crawling (and cruising!) he’s not on his belly, which seemed to cause him to pee very frequently.

Now I’m able to offer him the potty with longer stretches in between and he stays dry.  I usually still offer based on timing, or if he goes for one of his potties.  Even if he seems to only want to play with it, I still put him on it!

The most frustrating thing for me thus far has been mealtimes.  Even if I offer right before a meal he always seems to wet his undies while he’s in his highchair.  I need to teach him not to do that! :p

I mentioned last month that I wasn’t sure how to deal with the cold, EC’ing, and an older baby.  Well this month I’ve got it a bit more figured out.  Galen has one pair of wool split pants.  These pants are great – I slip those on him and they keep his legs cozy warm.  Then I pull on a pair of undies/trainers over them and he’s covered.  The wool wicks any moisture if we have a miss, and I notice misses right away so there’s never much chance at them getting wet.  If you’ve ever used a wool diaper cover or longies you know how this works.  I think I’ll probably get at least one more pair so if I need wash and air dry one pair I’ll have a backup pair.

So that system is working well, and timing things is working well.

Galen also shows a classic Cassidy sign that he needs to poop.  Cassidy, my oldest child, was also my first elimination communication baby.  I could always tell when she needed to poop because she’d get very still and her eyes would get red-rimmed.  Galen does the exact same thing.  He’s also pretty vocal and “grunt-y.”  I miss a poop every once in awhile but not often.

We’re still using diapers at night right now, and some days I still have Galen in diapers, though I offer the potty.  I’d like to have him out of diapers, soon, though, so I’ve been making a big effort the past couple of weeks to keep him in undies and offer the potty a lot.  Hopefully once he starts toddling he’ll be able to learn to sit on the potty himself, too.  He’s already super coordinated so I don’t see it being much trouble for him 😉

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