EC’ing Galen – 32 Month Update

Galen is now a happy, healthy toddler who is always on the go! That definitely has an impact on pottying.

It has been interesting to see how elimination communication has played out with Galen and how he’s doing now at two years old.

Galen is totally free of diapers during the daytime and has been for many months. I started taking him out without any diaper backup a year ago, but during the winter I did go back to using diapers on some longer outings. I did this “just in case” and because it was easier for me with being pregnant – I didn’t have to worry about trying to take him potty inside small stalls. Really I find pottying much easier in the warm months when I can just have him sit on a small potty in our van!

I do wish now that I’d made the effort to keep him in undies, though, just because he’d have had that much more practice.

During outings now Galen almost always stays dry. I say almost because he has had a pee accident here and there. The couple of times it has happened it has been in his car seat on the way somewhere. We always have him go potty before we leave and try to remember to offer frequently while out and about.

The place we have the most trouble with Galen is at home – he seems to have the problem some toddlers have with not stopping his play to go potty!

He also has a habit of wanting to ask “may I go potty?” I think he does this because we encouraged him to let us know when he needs to go so we can help him with his underwear/wiping/etc. But now he can get his undies down pretty well and I want him to just go!

Right now he’s wearing a diaper at night because he’s pretty consistently wetting overnight. He wets a lot. I was really hoping not to get anymore bed wetters, especially since he went through a period as an infant of not wetting at night. I would like to try him without a diaper at night and a potty nearby, but with a newborn I haven’t really had the energy to do that yet!

Galen still prefers his Baby Bjorn Little Potty over using the toilet. We have one of those small toddler seats that goes onto the regular toilet seat, too. Galen finds it novel but uses his little potty most. I don’t really mind this as it’s not hard to clean out, but I do look forward to the day that he’s using the big toilet!

All in all I think EC’ing has been a positive experience for us. It’s a little frustrating right now to know that he can stay dry but he doesn’t always stay dry, but I’m not going to worry about it too much when we’re all getting adjusted to being a bigger family 🙂 We send him to sit on the potty if he has wet and we encourage him to come inside and go potty rather than using his pants 😉

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