Feeding a 9 Month Old

My little girl is 9 months old now and I'm wondering what you fed Galen at that age? She really likes what we're eating so I figure, as long as we eat healthy, I can just chop everything up for her… just wanted some more feedback… not sure if you've posted about his diet or anything…

I have been reading (and enjoying) your blog and website since I found it when I was looking for tips for my natural childbirth!


I have posted a couple of things about feeding Galen, but not too much. Galen is a bit of a unique little guy in that he really doesn't do too well with eating. He enjoys food and different tastes, but he has a hard time swallowing.

So feeding has not been easy with him 🙂

However, my other three were more typical in their solid food introduction.

I think what you said – about chopping up what you're eating for her – is just fine. That's what she'll be eating as she's growing up with you.

In the book Raising Baby Green, Dr. Greene specifically says to go ahead and give baby foods seasoned just the way you season yours – there is no reason babies need bland old “baby foods.”

That said, you can add in very nutrient dense, nourishing foods for children. Fish, meat, organ meat, traditional fats (like butter, coconut oil, and olive oil), and other foods are very good for your baby. Making your own chicken/beef broth to use a bases for soups and sauces is also very good – the broth is rich in minerals and nutrients for her. When I made soups for my little ones I always put the cooled soup broth into a sippy cup and fed my little one the meat/veggies from a separate bowl.

Natural Birth and Baby Care's own guide First Bites and Beyond: Nourishing Your Baby and Toddler covers what to feed your little one in an easy age-by-age format. It covers nutrient dense foods (and what to avoid) as well as balancing nursing and solid foods.

For more advice on feeding babies and young children I recommend Rami Nagel's Healing Our Children – I really think it has the best advice on feeding infants and children you can get.

If she's eating your meals enthusiastically and you're eating a healthy, nourishing diet then you and she are on the right track!

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