GBS in a Home Birth

by Danielle


My Baby Boy

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my second child, and have been seriously considering an unassisted home birth with this one.

I had a HORRIBLE experience with my daughter's birth that included ALL KINDS of medical interventions that were both unwelcome and medically unnecessary. I also didn't approve of the fact that my birth plan went completely ignored, or that I couldn't video tape my birth.

My main concern in this is that I was diagnosed with GBS with my daughter, and my fear is that I don't have options other than a hospital delivery.

I have done research and found that some women use an oral antibiotic regiment for the weeks before labor begins to prevent the spread of GBS to the baby, but I am also allergic to anything other than Keflex. I wonder if there's anyone who has taken Keflex orally to treat GBS while delivering, or would welcome any advice on the subject.

I just need to have answers from someone who doesn't have their own financial agenda in mind!


Hi Danielle,

Firstly, let me say that unassisted birth is wonderful 🙂 Many women choose and have successful unassisted births.

Next, just because you were GBS positive at some point in your first pregnancy does not mean that you are now. In fact, you usually don't even test for GBS until a woman is 36 weeks pregnant because it comes and goes.

I have also heard of women using oral antibiotics before and during labor rather than IV antibiotics.

This is a possibility and could help if you are in fact GBS positive at the end of this pregnancy. Antibiotics (of any kind) also impact your vaginal flora, however – and this means your baby's gut flora, too. Baby establishes healthy gut flora partially from his trip through the birth canal. So antibiotic use is something to consider carefully (and if you decide to go with it I would take a probiotic supplement for awhile after you're done).

You can read a very interesting archived thread on Mothering with lots of input from GBS positive mamas – Group B Strep.

There are several strategies near the end of thread for taking a natural approach to Group B Strep treatment.

Best of luck to you as you prepare for your birth, let me know if I can help with anything else!

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