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Getting Started with Homeschooling

Getting Started with Homeschooling

Are you thinking about homeschooling when you've still got little ones underfoot? It's not too early to start making plans and thinking about what's important for your tots to know now for homeschooling success then. I talk about my recommendations and practical strategies in this podcast episode!

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Can you start homeschooling in the toddler years? Should you?
  • How to start creating a daily rhythm for your little ones (and why you need to)
  • What you should start doing right now – even if your baby isn't born yet!
  • How to wade through all the homeschooling choices available today
  • How to handle comments from other people about homeschooling
  • This tip will help you stay sane while doing school!
  • Why flexibility is key (plus how to balance being flexible with actually getting school done)
  • How to start small with your little one now so he or she can focus later
  • The joy of teaching your littles how to hit that state of “flow” 😉

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