Going Out Diaper Free

Going out with your diaper free baby can be a wonderful experience.

Elimination Communication can work even while you’re away from home – many moms discover they’re even more successful at reading their babies’ cues when they’re out and about!

baby sitting on his potty in van after going out diaper free

Getting Set

Dress your baby in clothes that have easy access. Infant clothes often have snaps on the pants you can quickly unsnap. Or dress your baby in pants, shorts, or thick tights that pull down easily. ECWear has a great selection of clothes for diaper-free babies.

You’ll probably notice that you pick up on your baby’s cues quickly while out.  Then just slip into a bathroom to help your baby go potty. If you’re at your car, cue your baby over a container or little potty just as you do at home.

A small container with a tight-fitting lid is an excellent accessory to take along with you when you head out of the house. You can leave it in the car or, if it’s small enough, put it right in your bag. Dump it when you get to a bathroom or when you get home.

You can put your baby in a diaper when you go out. Another option is to put your baby in a pair of small training pants. They’ll hold one pee or so. They’re trimmer than a diaper and easy to pull down.

During the Drive

Want to put your baby in diapers in her car seat? Just explain to her what’s going on. Tell her if she needs to go you’ll be stopping soon, or she can use the diaper and you’ll change her immediately. Remember to offer a potty opportunity to your baby right before buckling her in.

You can also let him be diaper free in the car seat. Put a “puddle pad” under him in the seat just in case. Offer the potty to your baby just before you leave and as soon as you arrive at your destination. You may find that your baby stays dry on short rides and as he gets older may stay dry even on longer drives.

Finding the Bathrooms

You’ll quickly learn where there are clean bathrooms among your regular errand stops. You can offer potty opportunities at those places. Libraries, bookstores, children’s stores, and upscale clothing stores often have clean restrooms.

Look for a large stall where you can comfortably hold your baby over the potty. Some restrooms have a changing table inside the stall. These are ideal because you can help your baby undress on the changing table, then hold him over the toilet. Or, if you bring a small container in your bag, cue your baby over that then dump it into the toilet.

The Great Outdoors

Diaper free is easy on outdoor adventures! Just stop on the side of the nature trail to help your baby go! Many babies won’t eliminate if they are in a sling or carrier, so just be sure to take plenty of “pit stops.”

You can also carry a small container with you, just as you would if you were going anywhere else. Many babies love to go outdoors because there is just so much to look at and experience, and the fresh air feels good on their body.

Enjoy elimination communication while out! You’re free of bulky diaper bags and can opt for a trimmer, more stylish model. Baby loves the freedom of movement she has without a thick diaper around her bottom! It’s a great situation for both of you.

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