Gorgeous Baby Girls

Beautiful newborn girl under lace

Little girls are so much fun!  These pictures will make you go “awww” – and give you some great ideas for getting pictures of your little lady!  Enjoy <3

Beautiful little girl in pink smocking

This little sweetie is so girl and feminine in her smocked dress.  I love this picture!

Beautiful newborn girl under lace

Precious baby girl covered in lace – great idea for a newborn girl photo shoot!

Sweet baby girl in a tutu

Little darling in a tutu – so sweet!

Gorgeous baby girl under a towel

As you know from the other galleries, I'm a fan of the towel shots – there's just something so baby about them.  This little sweetie is so beautiful peeking out of her towel!

Baby girl waves

Sweet happy tot waves hello!  Beautiful lighting!

Toddler girl in in smocked dress and flower crown

This little gal looks like she stepped out of a storybook!  Beautiful, lush garden and her smocked dress with flower crown are just ethereal 🙂

Sleeping beauty

Another precious newborn – glowing skin and a nice saturation effect on her sweet headband.

Perfect little baby girl

This little girl is just so stunningly beautiful!

Beautiful baby girl in grey

Love the grey and pinks in this little lady's outfit – and of course her beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes are what make the shot!

Sleepy little newborn strewn with flowers

Lovely little lady!  The strewn flowers give a sweet accent… especially the one little bud in her hand <3

Lovely little girl in a classic hat

How classic is this little hat!  So beautiful, a perfect accessory for this little beauty!

Baby girl in flowers and pigtails

So cute!!!  Adorable little pigtails and all!

Newborn girl with sweet flower headband

Great newborn shot.  I like this headband – it's not huge so it doesn't overwhelm this precious baby girl's own natural beauty – it just accents it oh so sweetly!

Precious baby girl in a crocheted hat

Bright-eyed little gal in a classic outfit.

Sweet newborn girl with bear hat

I love everything about this shot – from the adorably goofy bear ears on the hat to this little gal's expression that says “come on mama, did you have to?”

Newborn twin girls

Too sweet!!! Beautiful newborn twin girls.  <3 <3 <3  Again, love how their little headbands accent rather than overwhelm their beauty.

Lovely little girl on burlap

Sweet little girl in a simple dress – lovely natural look <3

Baby girl explores

Little explorer girl.  Her kerchief is so sweet!

Newborn girl sleeping sweetly

Another perfect newborn shot.  I really like this one because you can see those faint little birth marks on her forehead.  Those fade so quickly so it's nice to have them captured forever <3

Little pearl baby girl

Beautiful little girl!  Great backdrop too 🙂

Surprised baby girl with purple bow

She looks so surprised but so sweet!!!

Smiling baby girl in a beautiful dress

What a gorgeous grin!

Baby girl with daisy and beautiful eyes

Gorgeous and innocent!

Little lady sleeping on pink plaid

Lovely lighting and the pink plaid is perfect for this little girl.

Smiling baby girl in a bubble top

Another happy baby – look at those bright, gorgeous eyes!!

Happy baby girl plays outside

So happy to be out in the grass!  Natural light is wonderful if you can capture pictures outside or by a big window!

Butterfly baby girl

Little flutterby!

Laughing baby girl in purple

She is so cute with her little pink bubble knit!

Gorgeous brown-eyed girl

Just breathtaking, beautiful eyes and gorgeous skin on this little girl.

Baby girl thinks hard

This little one is beautifully highlighted by the flowers and grass – but it's her contemplative expression that really makes this shot!

Beautiful newborn girl under lace

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