Heart Shaped Uterus – Can I Have a Natural Birth?

by Chrissie (London (Great Britain))

I found out I was pregnant last year (in August) and the midwife told me my womb is in a heart shape.. I was wondering if I will ever be able to have a natural birth?? I was told the baby does not have enough space to turn around!!


Hi Chrissie,

In researching your question I’ve found several different answers – many women do seem to be able to have a natural, vaginal birth even with a heart-shaped or bicornuate uterus.

But what you were told about the baby having a harder time turning around does seem to be true, and some women are recommended to have a planned c-section.

The most information source I’ve found is a thread on Mothering, where many mums share their experiences:

Bicornuate Uterus?

This may be helpful for you and give you some good advice to follow. Best of luck with your pregnancy!