Heartburn in Pregnancy

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and I have heartburn sometimes, how do I get rid of it the natural way (without meds)?


Many, many women get heartburn during pregnancy and it can be really annoying! A lot of times it’s not because of any certain foods you’re eating – you’ll get heartburn no matter what you eat. It has more to do with the changes inside. As your uterus grows everything else shifts aside to make room for it – and your stomach just ends up squashed. It’s harder to eat and you tend to get heartburn.

Eating smaller meals is one thing you can do to help immediately. It’s often easier to eat three smaller meals and add in three snacks every day. This helps prevent heartburn and it also lets you get in all the nutrients (especially protein) you need for your growing baby.

Chewable calcium can be safe during pregnancy, and is a relatively natural remedy – but you should talk with your doctor or midwife before you decide to do this. Look for a natural supplement that doesn’t include synthetic fillers.

Teas help some women – chamomile and peppermint are the most frequently used. Both help ease all kinds of digestive upsets. Many women love peppermint but some find it makes heartburn worse.

Papaya enzymes are another natural option that lots of midwives recommend. You can take these in almost any form that suits you for effective relief.

Milk and yogurt sips/spoons may also help.

I have a few more natural remedies listed on my pregnancy discomforts page – see the heartburn topic.

I have had heartburn in most of pregnancies and found that it went away as soon as my baby arrived, so there is an end in sight 🙂

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