Help! My Baby is Breech!

by Tereza (Calgary Canada )

I am seven month pregnant, and my baby’s position is head is up (breech). What is the cause of this? Can this affect delivery time and the health of my baby?


Hi Tereza,

Your baby is in what’s called the breech position.

It’s preferable for babies to be in the vertex position, which means his head would be down in your pelvis. This position can make delivery easier – though it’s completely possible to deliver a breech baby vaginally.

The problem is most doctors will not assist in the vaginal delivery of a breech baby anymore, and even many midwives won’t. They’ll automatically perform a cesarean section.

Like I said above, it’s possible to have a breech baby vaginally. Standing positions and hands-and-knees positions often assist a breech baby’s birth. The baby’s bottom comes first during birth, and it’s important that as soon as the body is delivered the head be delivered.

Since you are only seven months you have plenty of time to encourage your baby to turn to a vertex position.

I recommend you begin by talking to your baby and encouraging him to turn around to prepare for his birth.

You can also begin some simple daily things to help encourage him to turn over. I have detailed them here:

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