Help Needed with Studying the Pink Kit!

by Brooke Shergold (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I bought the digital copy of the Pink Kit, as your review really got me excited (along with Hypnobabies.) I am just feeling overwhelmed.

I’m not sure where to start with the Pink Kit. I don’t know what to read or watch first. I’ll be 23wks next Wed (due March 11,) and was wondering if you could suggest what the best way to study the course would be.

What should I read first? and how long should I study each “lesson” or practice each piece for? Could you give me a time line, (ie. Week 24 read this and practice this…. Week 25 do this and read this, etc.) It would be sooo helpful!

I love your website (stumbled on it a few years ago when my friend was pregnant and subscribed to your newsletter, was very happy to have it in my inbox when I became pregnant with my first child this year!)

Thank you so much for your time!



The Pink Kit is a great course, but I agree with you that it can be overwhelming at first glance!

My Pink Kit was the hard copy format and it came with a “timeline” sheet, and that’s how Scott and I worked through it. I’ve created a new page detailing the timeline for you.

You pick a great time to ask about when to start – 24 weeks is when you get going!

I found it most helpful to begin each resource when suggested. Scott and I would then read through a section up until the point it suggested a practice exercise. We’d practice the exercise in the evening, then move on to the next section. We ended up doing an exercise every 2-3 nights to allow each of us time to read the materials.

We worked through the video by doing a section ever 2-3 nights. I went back and reviewed several video sections on my own throughout the rest of my pregnancy, too.

As you work through you’ll notice that a lot of the skills get reviewed in subsequent sections, so you’ll work through it faster as you get more into the kit.

Most of your learning is done between 24 and 35 weeks. Once you hit 36 weeks it’ll just be reviewing what you’ve learned.

The Internal Work begins at 32 weeks and goes daily until your baby is born – I highly recommend you make every effort to fit it in every day!

Here’s the Recommended Pink Kit Timeline!

Let me know if I can make anything clearer!

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