Homemade Baby Wipes Recipes

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Homemade baby wipes recipes are good for your baby, good for your budget, and really easy! Use paper towels if you just want to control what’s on the wipe.  Or use cloth baby wipes (which can be washed along with your diapers).

You can either make your wipes solution in a bottle or put it right in the wipes container.  If you put it directly into the container your wipes are ready to go as soon as you need them. You may need to change your wipes every day or two using this method if you find they smell musty (mine never do).

Another option is to keep the solution inside the container. Just use one hand to dip a cloth wipe into the solution, squeeze it out, and wipe baby!  Keep a small container with a tight-fitting lid filled partway with water at your changing station if it’s not near a sink.

Or put the solution into a spray bottle. You can find small ones in the health and beauty section of most drug stores or beauty supply stores. Then wet your cloth wipe with warm water and then give a spritz or two of your wipes solution.

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