BBL 081: Is Fetal Monitoring Really Saving Babies? | Natural Birth and Baby

BBL 081: Is Fetal Monitoring Really Saving Babies?

Does Fetal Monitoring Really Save Babies?

Continuous electronic fetal monitoring has been one of the darlings of modern maternity care – hailed as an invention for saving babies. But has it lived up to that fanfare? Is EFM really helping save babies or prevent brain damage? The evidence is out – and today we talk about the bottom line on this expensive and restrictive technology.

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Understanding the different kinds of fetal monitoring
  • Why the results of fetal monitoring studies were originally hidden
  • What we discovered when the research was let out
  • How continuous fetal monitoring can endanger mothers and babies
  • Why the hypothesis behind EFM / CTG is flawed (plus what that means for babies)
  • How to monitor baby if EFM is not used
  • Why midwives and nurses are key to birth and baby safety
  • You'll have a much clearer understanding of one of the biggest myths of modern birth!
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<strong>Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast</strong>
    <li><a href="" rel="nofollow">Childbirth Miniclass & Natural Birth Playbook</a></li>
  • NBBC on Periscope!
  • [raw]Optimal Care in Childbirth[/raw] – this excellent book covers what the research really says about care in childbirth. Check Chapter 10 for all the EFM information.
  • Cochrane summary on EFM / CTG
  • Cochrane summary on EFM vs. intermittent auscultation
  • BBL 042: Baby's Experience of Childbirth
  • Gloria LeMay's excellent article on EFM
  • Fetal scalp stimulation test
  • Timely quote on EFM shared by Sara Wickham
  • Another gem about EFM shared by Sara
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