Know If It’s a Boy or Girl!

Wondering if you have a little guy or gal on board? This handy chart covers the most popular old wive’s tales to help you guess if it’s a boy or girl 😉 Of course, it’s all in fun – but I’m curious if you think it’s accurate or not!

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Enjoy the infographic from ThePregnancyZone!


Heartbeat is one of the most common old wive’s tales for determining your baby’s gender before birth. If your baby has a very quick heartbeat, it’s likely a girl. If baby’s heartbeat is slower, at under 140 beats, it’s likely a boy!

Early in pregnancy most babies have a fast heartbeat, so this one may be a better at predicting once you’re into your second and third trimesters!

Infographic depicting under 140 beats for boy and over 140 beats for a girl

How Is Your Belly Bulging?

If your bump is all out in front and weight gain seems centered there, it’s a boy. If your bump and weight are spread out to the sides, it’s a girl!

Infographic showing a bulge out front is a boy while a bulge to the side is a girl

Basketball or Watermelon?

As with the above old wive’s predication, how you carry your baby bump can indicate baby’s sex. If your baby bump is rounded and in front like a basketball under your shirt, it’s likely a boy. If your bump is wider from side to side like a watermelon, you’ve got a little girl coming!

Infographic showing a basketball for a boy and a watermelon for a girl

Other Changes

Changes in your breasts can also indicate pink or blue! If you notice darkening and an increase in size of the areola (the area around your nipple), that could indicate a boy. Fullness in the breasts may indicate a girl is on the way.

Image showing darkening of the nipples can indicate a boy while fuller breasts can indicate agirl

Your Complexion

How is your skin looking? Your complexion may hold a key to the baby you’re carrying! A clear, fresh complexion could mean a baby boy is on the way. If your skin seems oily or more prone to breakouts, your daughter may be taking your good looks for herself 😉

A graphic showing how good complexion may indicate a boy while oily skin may indicate a girl

Urine Color

Bright yellow urine is supposed to indicate a boy, while dull urine indicates a girl. It’s important to note, however, that your prenatal vitamins can influence the color of your urine. Bright yellow after taking your vitamins is usually caused by unused B-vitamins flushed through your system. B-vitamins are water-soluble, so your body only takes what it needs and flushes the rest!

Graphic showing bright yellow urine can indicate a baby boy and dull urine can indicate a baby girl

Which Way Does Your Wedding Band Move?

If your wedding ring is moving from side-to-side when you suspend it over your belly, you’ve likely got a little girl on the way. If it’s circling around, that shows you’re carrying a baby boy!

Infographic discussing wedding band movement for gender prediction


If you’re searching the cabinets for sweet foods, a baby girl is more likely. If you want salty and sour foods, however, you may have a little boy on board!

Infographic showing salty foods indicate a boy and sweet foods indicate a girl

Age and Month of Conception

To use this method of predicting your baby’s gender, you add your current age to the numeral for the month of conception. For example, if you’re 33 years old and your baby was conceived in February, you add 33 + 2 = 35. An odd result indicates you’re carrying a girl. An even result indicates you’re carrying a boy!

Infographic showing how to calculate moms age and month of conception to determine gender

Diet for a Girl

When you’re trying to conceive a girl, you want to eat foods that sway towards a girl environment. Use foods rich in calcium, magnesium, and acidic foods. Folic acid and Vitamin C are important. Corn, fish, beans, etc. are good choices.

Infographic Showing Foods to Eat if You Want a Girl

Diet for a Boy

If you’d like to conceive a boy, eat foods that sway towards a boy environment. Potassium-rich foods are important for a boy, as are alkaline foods. Bananas, avocado, and royal jelly are some good boy foods.

Infographic showing foods to eat to conceive a boy

Scientific Gender Selection

If you’ll be using IVF for your pregnancy, you can choose your baby’s gender through preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD. Y-sperm, those that create a boy, are faster-moving than X-sperm, those that create a girl. While IVF is the only way to absolutely choose your baby’s gender, some believe you can favor the faster or slower sperm when trying to conceive naturally.

Infographic explaining pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

Reasons Not to Discover Gender

You may want to avoid finding out your baby’s gender for a number of reasons:

  • To avoid gender bias
  • Enjoy the suspense
  • Labor becomes exciting and easier
  • The tests are error prone
  • Money wasted on extra ultrasound scans
Infographic that explains reasons not to find out baby gender

Chinese Gender Calendar

The Chinese Gender calendar uses your age and month of conception in a carefully designed chart to determine if baby is a boy or girl. Some calendars recommend you look up your Chinese or lunar age, which may differ from your age at your baby’s conception.

The Chinese Gender Calendar chart

Gender Traits and Leadership

The following chart indicates leadership traits typically attributed to either boys or girls!

A chart of leadership attributes by which gender they are associated with

Sex Ratios Across the World

This map indicates sex ratios and preferences for sons. Most countries show a slight to extreme preference for sons.

A map graphic showing sex ratio by country and correlation with son preference

Sex Ratios in Most Populous Cultures

A chart of typical sex ratios in most populous countries. China and India have skewed sex ratios, especially China, where boys are highy favored.

Sex ratios in most populous countries

Ethics Considerations

Ethical considerations for manipulating the sex ratio.

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