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EC Wear clothing for quick diaper changes and easy infant potty training

Yay more and more things getting done to get ready for baby!! This weekend is my big freezer cooking push (I've planned quite a number of main dishes to put up). After doing that I think I will mostly feel ready for baby! Though he can't come yet as there's still a home visit, and a baby shower, etc. etc!

Anyways! On to what this post is really about. I made my homemade “babylegs!” I'm really excited about them.

With the exception of my sewing machine attempting to malfunction on me (I coaxed it into working) they were really really easy to make! I made 5 pairs to start with (click the pic to make it bigger):

I made these from men's cotton socks. I love the idea of Babylegs – especially since we're going to be EC'ing. They are perfect for keeping the baby's legs warm while allowing him to be diaper free.

But averaging around $12 a pair would quickly add up! I did put some of them on our baby registry, and I'd appreciate getting some. But in the event that we don't receive any I still wanted some. So I found a tutorial online and I made them using socks I bought new for $1 a pair! Can't beat that 😀

I think they came out really well. We tried them on one of Cassidy's huge baby dolls (she's about the size of a 6 month old) and they fit well. They may be a little big on the baby at first but he'll grow right into them and they have a good amount of stretch to keep fitting 🙂 I'd like to find some socks in baby blues or lights greens too, to make some more “babyish” looking ones. I'll check women's socks when I'm out and about.

View the excellent tutorial here.

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  1. When is your baby shower? I would love to send something for you and the new baby. And I am pretty sure that I could sew those. lol

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