Liver Support During Pregnancy

by Sarah

Before I became pregnant I was using a liver support tincture from St Francis Herb Farm that I really has dandelion, globe artichoke, milk thistle, wild yam, culver's root, and oregon grape…….are any of these contraindicated while pregnant??

Do you have any other suggestions for liver support during pregnancy if I can't take that one?



Hi Sarah,

All of the herbs in your supplement are considered pretty safe for pregnancy except Culver's Root.

I found it on numerous lists of herbs to avoid during pregnancy, but I couldn't find any reasons why, so I can't tell you exactly why it's on them.

As far as liver support during pregnancy, you can try a nettle and red raspberry tonic daily for a gentle liver cleanse that supports your uterine health.

You can add red clover to this to further support the liver

Dandelion is also an effective liver supporter – some urge caution during pregnancy because it can have a diuretic effect. If you show even a hint of toxemia/pre-eclampsia/HELLP etc, you should discontinue dandelion. Otherwise, midwives consider it safe.

Herbalist Susan weed also recommends beets and beet juice for cleansing the liver, too.

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