MamaDadaBaby Car Seat Cover Review

Car seat covers are super-cute and safe ways to “dress up” your little one’s car seat. They’re also a really useful accessory. When MamaDadaBaby asked me to review their cover, I agreed because I’ve always wanted to try one! I will admit I really like it 😉

Baby Car Seat Covers for Girls and Boys, Infant Canopy WITH Window-Flap System AND Bag (affiliate link)

I was impressed as soon as the car seat cover arrived because it’s really well-packaged and has a great design. I actually ended up taking a trip to a midwifery conference just after we got the cover. Sadie is still nursing, so she went along with me. There’s a carry bag for the cover, which is nice for travel.

The biggest thing I did not like about the cover is that it doesn’t really stay on the car seat well when not in use (it stays on there perfectly when we’re using it). If I put the car seat handle down it tends to flop off (again, it’s no problem with the handle up) The carry bag is nice for putting it in in those cases. I don’t keep the cover up while we’re driving (I also brought Brennan along to entertain Sadie, so we needed the cover down for big brother laughs 😉 ). It’s actually not a big deal while driving because I just push it back when I put the handle down. I can pull it back up quickly before we get out of the van.

My favorite time to have the cover has been in heavy snow, like in the pic:

Car Seat Cover with Flap

It keeps Sadie covered and cozy (you can see her reaching out of the “window.” She also likes playing peek-a-boo with the window, and I like that I can look in and check on her. It’s also really nice with the heavy, freezing winds we’ve been having!

Now that Sadie is bigger we don’t have as much use for the cover as we would with a newborn – but if we arrived home with a sleeping Sadie during the newborn months, we’d bring her in inside the car seat. I can see where having the cover to keep snow, rain, and bright sunlight off of her would be really nice. I also think it would be helpful in a restaurant (another place we’ll carry a sleeping baby in with the car seat). It helps give the baby a quiet, consistent place to rest.

We’ve never used the car seat during shopping trips (I prefer putting baby in a baby carrier), but many mamas do and, again, the cover would give them a quiet place to be.

It took only seconds for me to figure out how to use the cover, and while in use it’s super-secure. MamaDadaBaby includes a helpful instruction sheet that shows different ways to use the cover, and they email out a pdf with even more ideas. My kids loved the ideas because they gave them lots of ways to play peek-a-boo with Sadie 😉 I really like the flap, which lets me see Sadie and it’s easy to secure out in the snow, but easy to open when we get to our destination.

The outer fabric is sturdy and attractive. I know many like having a black-and-white print because it’s gender neutral and babies find interesting to look at, but I do hope MamaDadaBaby releases some cute prints. The inside fabric is a soft gray fabric – it feels like a super-soft and silky stuffed animal. I loved that and I also really like that color. I’d just like to have a cute outer print 😉

We really liked everything about it, and I really appreciated the tips and follow-up MamaDadaBaby gave on the car seat cover – it’s rare to get that kind of care when you buy a product today! It’s really useful to have for a newborn and I wish I’d gotten it sooner!

Baby Car Seat Covers for Girls and Boys, Infant Canopy WITH Window-Flap System AND Bag

Car Seat Cover with Flap

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