More Energy!

Just wondering what you recommend to get more energy during pregnancy… I’m about 2 months along.

I find if I eat 3-4 boiled eggs a day, I feel better.

Thanks for your help.


Happily for you, you’ll probably find you get more energy as your pregnancy progresses.

I have always felt exhausted during the first couple months of pregnancy, and that gradually wears as I get past those first weeks.

It’s so common that exhaustion is a good early pregnancy sign!

You’ve found a good tip yourself – extra protein is an excellent way to get an energy boost. Eating small, frequent meals to keep your protein levels and your blood sugar balanced can help. Many moms find that eating a protein and a light carbohydrate together help to bring up energy levels and ward off morning sickness, which can be really draining.

You can also work gentle movement into your daily routine. Walking is one of the best “pregnancy exercises” you can do, and now is a great time to get it started. Start with short walks, as much as you can handle (even 10 minutes is great, or even just to your mailbox!). Gradually build up to where you’re walking more. You can break up your day with 2-3 walks, too.

This walking helps increase your sense of well-being, and will actually bring you more energy. And as I said, it’s great to do throughout pregnancy. It keeps your hips and pelvis well-aligned and as you get close to the end of your pregnancy, it keeps your baby lined up in an optimal position for birth. It also increases your stamina.

You can add in other pregnancy exercises if you’d like, such as stretching and breathing with prenatal yoga, or do a more vigorous workout a couple of times a week. Whatever feels good will benefit you physically and emotionally, and also help boost energy levels!

Other than that, rest when you need to. If you need an extra nap during the day, take it. Go to bed at a good time.

Good luck to you and I hope you see your energy levels improve soon!

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