More Natural C-Section

I have seen very little information on how to have the most “natural” c section possible, medication wise (perhaps homeopathy for pain and recovery internally and externally on scar) as well as the days prior and recovery.

Any direction would be appreciated. I have a medical need for a c section and would love to see an article on this topic without all the hate email that usually accompanies this topic.


I'm not as familiar with the medications used in c-sections to give advice on specifics. I do know that if you don't want to have the medication started early, you can opt for a spinal block (rather than an epidural) because it can be given just before the surgery.

From what I've been told by moms having a c-section, taking the pain medication as you need to is helpful because it keeps you comfortable and makes establishing breastfeeding easier (since you're not in pain and can just focus on your baby).

Arnica is a homeopathic that will help with swelling and brusing after c-section. Mag.phos and Silica are used by one of my midwives after all births (cesarean or vaginal) to promote healing.

I do have a page on how to make your c-section more natural.

Here's a page where moms have shared several ideas for options to rub on your scar Healing Cesarean Scar

And here's a good listing of resources for Emotional Recovery

I hope some of these resources are helpful!

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