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Let’s Talk About Pain in Childbirth

Or, Baby Elvis and the Amazing Pelvis


Pain in Childbirth and Baby Elvis

Pain in childbirth is taboo on both sides of the line – it's either terrible and unbearable, or we shouldn't talk about it because natural birth is ecstatically blissful. Personally, I think natural childbirth is incredible, ecstatic, and exhilarating… but I also think it's hard work. Talking frankly about the experience helps you understand how to handle it from start…

…to finish. We dug into that in today's video – and we met little Elvis and the magic pelvis 😉

Don't forget about my class on how to handle labor pain without the epidural – this is vital information that's going to prepare (and empower) you for your baby's natural birth 🙂

You can join me live on Periscope every Mo/Tu/Th/Fri at 1pm eastern. Use the Periscope app on your phone or tablet and find me @birthbabycare! Enjoying the scopes? Please be sure to share with other mamas and families!

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baby elvis and the amazing pelvis

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