Pants! EC’ing Galen – 27 Months

I’ll admit that dropping the pants is really easy for me.  Galen is totally potty independent when he has no pants on (except needing a wipe after pooping, which he asks for).  It’s really nice.  When taking care of four kids, anything that makes life easier is, well, easiest for me to go with.  So Galen has spent a lot of time in leg warmers, socks, and cozy shirts – but pants-free.

However, Galen has taken an intense interest in underwear and pants over the last couple of weeks.  He’s frequently indicated that he wanted undies on – the problem was, he would often wet with them on.  It was easier just to go pants-free, at least for me.  Undies on meant I needed to ask him if he needed to potty, pay closer attention, etc.  A 27 month old on the go constantly is a little harder to “tune in to” than a baby who is in my lap all day long!

But he’s been increasingly persistent about it, so this weekend we put him in undies.  And he stayed dry.  This week he’s been in undies – and he has stayed dry.  In fact, the only big “wetting” incident was when I told Cassidy to help him go potty just before we sat down to a meal.  She didn’t notice he had undies on, so took him to the toilet and instructed him to go… well he did so… right in the undies :p We all had a laugh about that, poor Cassidy 😉

He had one instance where a couple of drips went into undies… then he looked at me and yelled “POTTY!” while holding the rest back.  I was proud.  Scott and I have asked him several times if he needed to go in the past couple of days and have gotten a firm “No” back – and he has stayed dry after.

He does need our help to get the undies down and up, though he is doing better and better at it.  It’s really exciting to see him getting not just going to the potty on his own, but also remembering to keep dry with pants on.  It has taken him a bit longer to get it than Cassidy did, but I believe this is about the same point that Brennan really “got it” – and it’s exciting all over again.

It will also be really nice to have him have this down by the time the new baby comes 😉

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