Postpartum Belly – Still Look Pregnant?

by Pandeswari (Banglore)

I had a normal labor and delivery with my baby. My belly still looks like I'm 3 or 4 month pregnant.

What can I do to change it? Are there any exercises or any other things that I have to do to get back to a normal pre-baby belly?


Hi Pandeswari,

It is completely normal to still look a few months pregnant after your baby is born. Remember, your body took nine months to grow your baby and for your belly to get the size that it was. It's reasonable to expect it to take some time to “bounce back.”

You can do several things to help your belly become smaller and more toned, however. Nursing your baby on demand helps a lot because nursing uses a lot of calories.

Wearing your baby is also helpful because your baby adds extra weight and gives you more exercise as you just go about your normal day.

If you'd like a good exercise program I recommend you look into Kaisa's Postnatal Body Fix. She's adapted this program from the one she runs at her fitness studio in Spain and women are reporting great results.

Best of luck to you as you work on losing the baby belly.

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