Pregnancy and Microwaves?

by Katy


I heard a few years ago that research was being done about microwaves and pregnancy and that the waves are harmful to the baby.

I haven't been able to find very much out on this. Do you know if they are harmful? I guess it was if you are standing next to the microwave while it's going (not that I do that anyways).

I just found your site and am SO happy! I'm not pregnant yet but my husband and I are TTC.

Thanks so much! Your site and advice are SO helpful!



Hi Katy,

I can't find any hard and fast references to studies that have shown microwaves can be dangerous during pregnancy – however there is a lot of caution related to microwave use overall.

I think the most prudent thing would be to minimize microwave use overall. I have read a lot of information that says microwave heating destroys off vital nutrients in food – basically making our food “dead.” And nutritionally dead food does not support life – or new babies!

We chose to get rid of our microwave, and though I miss it from time to time we quickly adapted to life without it. There's no worry about the radiation coming from it for our babies. I'm not saying you need to toss the whole thing. But do minimize it.

I definitely think you should walk away from the microwave when it's being used. Turn it on and go into another room, or do something across the kitchen.

Best of luck to you as you TTC – I hope you get a positive test soon! I'm glad the site has been helpful to you – I try to make it the best resource out there! Lots of baby dust for you Katy 🙂

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