Prescription for a Flatter Belly

Just what is this prescription for a flatter belly?  It's a lot of work!  I'm not going to lie to you – this program takes a lot of work and it's certainly not comfortable.

I think we hear so much about “effortless weight loss” and “easily get your ideal figure” that we're really skeptical of any claims.  You should be skeptical!  But it also makes us resistant to something that needs real work.  The Tupler program makes big promises – a flat belly, stronger tummy, and healed tissue and muscles.  But it doesn't sugar-coat things.  There's no doubt there's a lot of work on your part.

Today I'm beginning week 3 of the program, which is actually the most relaxed week! Let me tell you, I'm looking forward to my “relaxed” week, because week 4 starts off with a bang!

Day to Day

I spend every day living by my little “manual.”  As you can see in the picture, there's a page for each week with a checklist for each exercise and habit.  Thus far I have done really well at keeping up with things, and I intend to keep toughing it out.

At first I just made a check mark when I completed a set of exercises.  I started doing a tick for each set in week two.  This is because I'm sure I ended up doing extras in week one because I'd be in the middle of a set and a child would come in and need something, or the phone would ring, etc. and I'd forgotten if I'd actually completed the exercise, or how many sets I got done.  So I'd just do it all over again.  The ticks then check marks help me keep up with where I'm at!

You do sets morning, afternoon, and evening.  These are things you do easily and fairly discreetly, but you are working your abdominal muscles almost constantly.  Actually, as I described last week, you do become so aware of them that you're engaging your muscles with almost everything you do.  But you give them dedicated focus several times a day.

It's best to take a few minutes just to do the exercises.  They don't take a lot of time, but the hours flow quickly in a mother's day.  So I've found it works best just to take a few minutes and say “I'm going to do the elevator sets now” or “I'm going to do 100 Tuplers now.”  A set generally takes less than five minutes, so you can fit it in here and there – in the first few weeks you can do everything needed while nursing your baby.

The Splint

I have a love-hate relationship with the splint.  I can feel it pulling my muscles together and lending support – yet it's uncomfortable.  It bunches up and I have to adjust it.  It also tends to ride up my back, which drives me nuts!

I think that two splints probably would have been a good idea for me, especially since I have a large diastasis.  Two might have helped with another problem, which is the feeling that the splint squeezes skin/fat out above and below it.  This affects me mentally and emotionally more than physically – I'll address body image issues when I give my update next week. Update: The newer splint design helps minimize this issue, so I recommend going with Julie's newest design. 

I got a bug bite of some sort on my side and my body did not react well to it – it caused an uncomfortable rash radiating a couple of inches around the bite.  Because it's right where the splint sits I have not been wearing the splint at night.

I decided to keep wearing it during the day, though, to give my muscles support.  I've even worn it on the very hot days which was, of course, really hot!  But I believe strongly that it's helping my muscles so I put up with the discomfort.  I also take heart that in a few weeks it might not bunch and be so very annoying!

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