What Does Being Rh Negative Mean for Your Pregnancy?

What does being Rh negative in pregnancy mean

I talk about what being Rh negative in pregnancy means to you – and your baby – in this episode. What’s the deal with getting Rhogam (Anti-D). How do you make the right choice for you and your baby.

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • What Rh status is and how you know if it effects your pregnancy
  • Why it’s such a touchy topic!
  • How sensitization can occur during a pregnancy (or before pregnancy)
  • What keeps the first baby safe from sensitization
  • How to test for sensitization
  • Steps you can take to prevent sensitization
  • What’s the deal with Rhogam injections? Should you have it done?
  • Finding out baby’s blood type

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What does being Rh negative in pregnancy mean

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Kristen is a pregnancy coach, student midwife, and a mama to 8 - all born naturally! I've spent nearly two decades helping mamas have healthy babies, give birth naturally, and enjoy the adventure of motherhood. Does complete support for a sacred birth and beautiful beginning for your baby resonate with you? Contact me today to chat about how powerful guidance and coaching can transform your pregnancy, birth, and mothering journey <3

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