Rhythmic Jerks at 8 Months Pregnant?

by Angela

I’m 8 months pregnant. I started to feel movements after the 7th month was completed.

I feel a repetitive movement(usually at the same point)by the baby and it does stop until I walk around.

It can go on for minutes if I let it.There is always a rhythm to the jerks,like every 1 to 1.5 seconds and the location does not change once it starts. Changing positions or bouncing while sitting is not helping now.

This occurs at least once a day. It can be quite irritating and later on worrisome that the baby is in some kind of distress or even having fits. In previous scans the baby moves in a wave-like motion with rhythm.It seemed quite strange but the doctor said its ok.

I’d like to tell the OB/GYN but don’t know how to express it medically. Its not the uterus having spasms or Braxton hicks but definitely the baby’s movement.

Do I need to be concerned over this?


Hi Angela,

You should always ask your doctor about things if you’re concerned – and don’t worry if you think it’s silly. Your doctor has heard sillier questions before 😉

Having said that, what you’re describing sounds very normal to me – in fact, it sounds like your baby has the hiccups 🙂

Many, many women notice that their babies get the hiccups a lot. I have always had very active babies… and babies who were constantly hiccuping, even in the womb.

We do not know why babies hiccup so much in the womb, but it is a fact that they do (lots of hiccups!)

It’s probably often in the same location because at this point your baby is pretty settled into a position, so you feel the movements in the same places.

Again, though, if you’re worried go ahead and let your doctor know. I do think it sounds very much like hiccups so you may want to run that by your OB!

Best of luck to you and your little one.

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