Should I Change my OB Doctor if I Don’t Feel Comfortable With Her?

by Christy W (Dinwiddie, Va)

I am currently about 23 weeks pregnant. My current OB and I do not see eye to eye on this pregnancy/delivery.

My last delivery was an emergency C-Section due to Breech presentation and I was 35 weeks and in labor.

This pregnancy will result in my 5th child, and although I don't expect to have anymore, she insists that I do the C-section to get my tubes tied.

This is not what I want. Also, we actually got into an argument over some billing issue that was between me and billing, not between myself and her. She was very rude to me and I was crying when I left. I just don't know if another OB would take me being 23 weeks along. Is it possible that a midwife or OB would take me at 23 weeks pregnant?

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Christy, you need to find a new OB now! You will certainly be able to find a midwife or OB to take you on at 23 weeks, that's actually earlier than a lot of women decide to switch.

If you have insurance, you can check those listings to see what practices are covered and call those to see if they're accepting patients. I would say look for a practice with midwives or certified nurse midwives.

Your OB has absolutely no right to tell you you need a c-section so you can have your tubes tied! That's basically forced sterilization and it's a violation of your human rights.

Now, if she thinks another pregnancy could be a health danger, she can advise you of that – but she certainly can't tell you what to do!

I also think if she was rude to you and brought you to tears, you need to find another provider. Don't even go back and explain it to her, or call the office.

A lot of women switching practices worry about this – you do not owe her any sort of explanation. You are the consumer, and you hired her. Simply see your new provider and sign for him or her to request your records from the old provider. You don't need to give your old OB an explanation or even speak to her.

She doesn't have the right to order you around and she certainly shouldn't be making her patients cry.

You may be able to get some “unofficial” recommendations for a good doctor or midwife at your local La Leche League group's meeting. Good luck to you in finding somebody who respects you and can help you plan the birth you'd like.

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