Should I Encourage Pacifier Use?

by Kim (Idaho)

I never wanted my daughter to use a pacifier… I just thought it'd be best if she learned to self soothe. But there is no denying that she likes it when she is sleeping.

I usually let her use it to help her fall asleep; then once she is asleep, I remove it. Usually she wakes up after just half an hour, and if the pacifier is in her mouth it is easier for her to fall back asleep on her own.

I don't like to leave it in while she sleeps, but I think that she is getting better sleep when I do let her keep it in her mouth. Is there any harm in letting her keep it? I just didn't want her to be dependent on it.


Hi Kim,

I experience similar feelings as you with Galen – he was pretty clearly a thumb sucker, and also liked his pacifier.

I think in the end it just really comes down to what you prefer. Lots of babies have a pacifier and lots don't. Some give it up just fine on their own, and others find it harder to drop.

I decided I really didn't want Galen to suck his thumb or really use the pacifier, so I pulled his thumb out of his mouth constantly :p I just didn't use the pacifier much. We still have a couple around that he will find and put in his mouth from time to time, but he doesn't use them a lot.

If I really felt like it helped my baby sleep better, and it got me more sleep, though I would probably be ok with it.

I know I'm sounding a little wishy-washy here, but after four babies and getting a bit relaxed about things, I really think it comes down to what you're ok with.

If you're fine with her having it, then let her keep it and enjoy the sleep. But if you don't like the thought of her using it, go ahead and stop using it and work on helping her get back to sleep in another way.

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