Signs of Back Labor?

by Taylor (Hamilton, GA)

How will I know if I am having back labor? What are the signs? I know my baby is posterior.


Hi Taylor,

Back labor is a term that's used when a mother feels her labor pains in her back. A posterior baby can lead to back labor but not always. Two of my babies have been posterior and I have never experienced what most call “back labor.”

A strong, continuous back ache is the hallmark sign of back labor.

During labor it's normal to have a contraction spread all across the belly and also to feel an ache in the back… but persistent pain that gets relief mostly from pressure in the small of the back or over the sacrum is what most people consider a back labor symptom.

Labor is sometimes slow to progress with back labor.

Sometimes posterior babies tend to go past their due dates, but back labor doesn't always occur when you go past your due date. Sometimes your baby just needs more time.

Sometimes your contractions won't become regular or establish a good pattern right away, or even throughout labor.

Prenatal yoga, hands-and-knees positions, swimming, and avoiding slouching back when you're sitting can all encourage your baby to take a good position. Babies can chance from posterior to anterior even in the midst of labor.

Best of luck on your upcoming birth!

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