Split Pants!

EC Wear clothing for quick diaper changes and easy infant potty training

We are planning to use elimination communication with the baby. I EC'd with two of the big kids – Cassidy starting at 6 months and Brennan starting around a week old. I didn't with Asher and really regret it!!!! (read more about elimination communication, and Brennan's EC journal).

So anyways, I had an advantage with Cassidy in Brennan in that when I started EC with them it was warm out. So I just kept them diaperless without pants sitting on top of a diaper. Our little “Peanut” will be born when it's going to be pretty chilly though!

So I decided to make him some split pants. These are pretty popular in countries where they use EC with kids as a matter of course (and yes, some of them let their kids go anywhere…we're going to use a potty with Peanut :p) Anyways. The pants help keep the baby's legs warm but have an opening so I can just hold him in a squat and let him go. I'll keep him on a prefold diaper too, and covered with a blanket, but these will help keep his legs warm.

I'm also planning to make some baby leg warmers for him as well, so he'll have something to wear and keep his legs nice and toasty no matter what! And yes, I did a pair of Christmas themed pants :p Can have a warm and festive bum!

split pants for elimination communication

I made these by modifying regular infant pants. Most of them are 3-6 month size. A couple of 0-3 and I think one 6-9 month pair. I looked at other pants that mama's have made and those used in other countries, and cut from there. Then I sewed up the edge where I made the cut. I did them in a few different styles so I can see which works best. I bought the pants at the thrift store 🙂

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  1. Did you use a pattern or figure out a system? I want to do this but can’t find a pattern for altering thrift store pants. Can you give me some tips? 😀
    PS feel free to email me. I’d love to chat briefly about ECing a newborn!

  2. Rosie, I just looked at pictures of split pants online and cut an opening in the the thrift store pants that seemed about right to me. I then hemmed up the hole on most of the pants (I just left the fleece ones though, since it won’t unravel).

    It was really pretty easy to do and they work very well for around the house. I still prefer no pants on an EC’d babe but with the cold weather something over his legs was a must!

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