Sticky White/Pink Blood?

I am 39 weeks, 3 days pregnant and I've just had streaky white and red mucus come out when I went to the bathroom. Does this mean that labor will be starting soon?


Mucus that is streaked with blood is usually what's called a “bloody show” and it's a good indication that labor is going to start soon!

A mucus plug keeps the cervix sealed up so that nothing can get into the uterus with your baby during pregnancy. Once the cervix starts to change (called effacement and dilation) that plug comes out. You may see bits of it for a few weeks before labor, but once it's streaked with blood labor is probably coming soon. The blood is from tiny capillaries bursting as your cervix changes and your baby's birth gets closer.

Midwives typically say you'll go into labor within 48 hours after seeing the first indication of bloody show, but sometimes it can be longer (or labor can begin quickly).

You won't always see a show before labor, so don't be concerned if you don't!

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