Stunning Newborns

Getting to know a newborn baby

Newborns are absolutely stunning – so new, yet at the same time so timeless and wise. It’s incredible to think of the journey that a new baby takes to get to us, and just how perfect he or she is when birthing day arrives.  These are some of my favorite photos of newborns – perfect to look at to help understand the elegant design and wisdom of nature.

Of course, these newborn pictures are also perfect for getting an oxytocin boost during pregnancy.  Think of your own precious new baby and use these pictures to image what it will be like holding him or her.  Boosting oxytocin during your pregnancy means a smoother, safe birth for you and your baby.

Not pregnant?  These pics are still sure to make your heart melt – and maybe make you want another 😉  Enjoy!

Welcome new baby

This beautiful newborn shows just how tiny a brand new baby is, and how dependent your little one is on you!

Sweet Cheerful Baby

Maybe the “experts” say it’s gas, but I think these little guys and gals really do smile – fleeting grins here and there that make you wish you could know what’s going on inside that little head!

Hello new baby

This reminds me of what Carla Hartley says is “there you are!” This baby is engaged and awake, ready to interact – baby wants you more than anything else.

Classic and precious newborn

Another alert newborn.  So many pictures of newbies have sleeping babies – it’s nice to see somebody looking so alert (and so contemplative – maybe wondering what’s going on in this big world?!)

Timeless newborn yawn

Timeless capture of a newborn yawn!

Newborn with a little lovey

Just love this one – sweet baby with a knitted cap and a matching lovey.  Do you think this one will be treasured?

Natural Newborn

This is a really beautiful shot.  I love the driftwood and the fleece pad under the baby.  Very classic and natural, really well suited to a newborn photo shoot!

Perfect newborn!

This sweet babe is just so close to perfection it’s breathtaking!

Pretty in purple

Love this precious baby girl – she’s so beautiful!!!

Classic outdoor newborn photo

Great outdoor photo!  It makes me think of classic nursery rhymes.  Lots of old-fashioned, timeless goodness!

Brand new newborn on scale

Precious first moment – the big weigh-in!  How much will your little one weigh.  Hopefully this babe has had plenty of time with mama, but I really do love the scale pictures 🙂

Happy little baby

This picture is enough to give anyone an oxytocin rush.  What a beautiful newborn grin!

Newborn snuggles down

Sweet, nestled down baby sleeping.  I wish I could have such innocent sleep time!

New little man

A brand new baby boy.  Lots of hopes and dreams for a little man captured in this moment!
Sweet little girl

Gorgeous and innocent baby girl.  I love these little hats – a little snug bug!

Big newborn grin

Another newborn smile for you!  And sweet little newborn toes too 🙂

Beautiful newborn girl

Another beautiful baby girl in a crocheted hat.  You can see the faintest little strawberry marks on her forehead too – precious little birthmark that fades so quickly but I love the hints of it in photos.

Love this quirky little newborn

Aww here’s another alert baby and such a beautiful little grin!  It’s not often you see so much expression on a newborn’s face!

Pretty in purple

Pretty purple stocking cap on an even prettier little baby!

Precious newborn boy

I really love this picture!! Love the hat, love the matching pants, love the set-up for the shot.  This one makes me want another on just to get a pic like this one!!

Newborn all wrapped up for you

So sweet, all wrapped up in the softest muslin for Mama!

Precious newborn with beautiful skin

Sweet baby smooth skin, precious little one

Beautiful newborn baby

Another newborn close to perfection!

Beautiful eyes on a newborn

Look at those wide eyes (not to mention that adorable hat) – such a gorgeous little one!!

Precious newborn makes you want to have one

Classic newborn on white and wrapped in white muslin.  Just so sweet!

Dapper newborn boy

This little guy is so dapper – a true little man.  Great detailing on his clothing and it looks so soft, just really compliments him 🙂

Fresh from the womb

This evokes an image of how this little one curled in the womb.  Lovely to have them on the outside, and how quickly it all really goes <3

Getting to know a newborn baby

Brand new – just gorgeous!!

Mother and newborn in the golden hour

A snapshot of the golden hour.  Newborn and mama should be just like this – skin-to-skin with nobody poking or prodding, just giving you a chance to get to know your baby.. and your baby a chance to get to know your!

Newborn discovering the world

One final stunning newborn for your viewing pleasure!

Getting to know a newborn baby

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