Thank You First Trimester Week by Week


IMPORTANT: Read The Letter Below BEFORE You Go Through Your 1st Trimester Week by Week Guide
(Allow 10-15 minutes for delivery)


“How to Start Your Healthy Pregnancy
the Right Way”

Dear Fellow Mama,

Are you worried about doing the right things to help all of your baby’s body systems develop in the first trimester?

Do you feel frustrated that so many changes are happening with your baby and your body right now – but it’s impossible to find clear information on what you can do to help it all go smoothly?

Or, maybe you’re struggling because you can’t keep anything down… An just getting out of bed makes you so tired you want to climb right back in!

Listen – I know exactly how you feel! I’ve felt that crushing first trimester exhaustion… And worried when I couldn’t keep any food down (or could only stomach a couple of things that definitely quality as “healthy”).

I wanted to know what I could to feel better, have more energy, and eat foods that would nourish my baby. I knew that almost all of my baby’s body systems develop in the first trimester – and I wanted to know how I could make sure everything went smoothly.

Okay – here’s the good news – after six babies, I’ve figured out what it takes to get through the first trimester (I even figured out how to beat morning sickness, finally!). The greatest part is I’ve put together a class that teaches you what you need to do – and how you can do it.

But before we talk about the class, let’s cover why the first trimester is important.

The MamaBaby Birthing Guide: Your First Trimester

Every trimester is important for its own special reasons, but as I mentioned above, your first trimester is when almost all of your baby’s critical systems develop.

Your choices in this trimester support vital development in your baby’s heart, brain, eyes, lungs, limbs, and more – and set the stage for your own health throughout your pregnancy.

Would it feel nice to know that you’re taking the right steps to support your baby’s development – to know that you feel well enough to take those steps?

Would it be nice to know exactly what changes are happening in the first trimester? To know when you should schedule your first appointment – and what they’ll do at your visit?

To understand if a test is necessary and will really help your baby, or if you can skip it and the stress that goes along with it. What if, for that matter, you felt confident you’ve picked the right care provider. Someone you can trust to be your partner throughout your whole pregnancy (no hassle of changing care providers halfway through).

What if you felt confident that you’re eating the right things, making the safest choices when you shop for personal care and household products, and doing everything possible to minimize the risk of miscarriage.

I asked what was most important to mamas early in pregnancy – and used the landslide of questions to put together a class that both encourages you and gives you the exact info you need to help your baby get started strong – and tells you how to keep yourself feeling great.

Here’s What’s Included in the MamaBaby Birthing Guide to the First Trimester

I’ve packed this guide practice tips and step-by-step guides you can use right now. It’s recorded with high quality audio and video so I actually take you by the hand and talk you through your first trimester.

I walk you through:

  • An overview of baby’s experience in the first trimester
  • What your due date means – and what it doesn’t
  • Changes your body is going through (even if you can’t see them)
  • Testing you’ll be offered this trimester
  • How to pick the right care provider – the first time
  • What’s safe (and what’s not) in this trimester
  • What first trimester ultrasound can tell you (and what it can’t)

Plus you’re going to discover

  • Fact vs Fiction: What really causes miscarriage
  • How to get true relief from morning sickness
  • This supplement can stop nausea in its tracks
  • How to safely relieve fatigue and boost your energy
  • How to have a successful pregnancy after miscarriage
  • 3 keys to sustainable stress relief

And you’ll understand

  • First trimester testing
  • The truth on safety: food, cleaners, coffee, and more
  • Steps you can take now to prevent birth defects
  • Exactly what to do to build a healthy placenta to nourish your baby
  • How you can really know you’re doing everything to have a healthy baby
  • Beating the “blahs” and enjoying the excitement of the first trimester!

This comprehensive class is going to teach you what you need to do (and walk you through how to do it) to support your baby’s incredible development and get your body ready to cruise through the rest of your pregnancy. You’re truly setting the stage and laying the foundation for a great pregnancy – and your baby’s lifelong health – right now. I normally charge one-on-one clients $150 an hour to teach them these principles and walk them through each step. Since the First Trimester guide is 2 hours long, it would be $300 of my consultation time block.

However, because I’ve pulled this information into a class you can enjoy on your own time, I’m releasing it for $97. But I want mamas to get this information, so I’m going to give the first 100 mamas who download this guided class the price of $97 $19.

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P.S. You could be thinking to yourself right now “do I really need this information?” And I’ll ask you, are you truly sure you’re confident in doing what it takes to support the incredible development your baby’s body is going through in these few short weeks? Are you taking the right steps to build your baby’s body and a healthy placenta – and to keep yourself feeling good while you’re at it? If you’re not sure, it’s your own health and well-being, and your baby’s, that are just being left to chance and random advice. From one mama’s heart to another I recommend you make this small investment of $19 to change your pregnancy – and your baby’s life – forever 🙂


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