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“The Whole Nine Months”

Would you like step-by-step guidance through what to expect, how to grow a healthy baby, how to feel great, and what’s safe (and what’s not) during your pregnancy? My three MamaBaby Guides take you by the hand and walk you through each trimester.

Hoping to figure out all three trimesters of your pregnancy? You’re in luck – The Whole Nine Months includes all three guides – over six hours of video complete with handouts to answer all your questions about being naturally healthy in every trimester (and about how your baby is developing and what’s most important for him or her). You’ll discover how to handle all of these issues:

First Trimester:

Are you worried about doing the right things to help all of your baby’s body systems develop in the first trimester?

Or, maybe you’re struggling because you can’t keep anything down… An just getting out of bed makes you so tired you want to climb right back in!

Second Trimester:

Are you worried you’re not eating the right things to have a healthy, intelligent baby?

Or you perhaps struggling because you’re not feeling as well during your pregnancy as you think you should?

Third Trimester:

Are you concerned that you’re not doing everything you can to give your baby’s brain optimal development?

Or perhaps you’re struggling with how to prepare for a safe and smooth birth – you have the best intentions for your baby, but you’re not sure how to make them reality.

Here’s more on what you’ll discover in each of the programs included in The Whole Nine Months:

The MamaBaby Birthing Guide: Your First Trimester

Your choices in this trimester support vital development in your baby’s heart, brain, eyes, lungs, limbs, and more – and set the stage for your own health throughout your pregnancy.

I walk you through:

  • An overview of baby’s experience in the first trimester
  • What your due date means – and what it doesn’t
  • Changes your body is going through (even if you can’t see them)
  • Testing you’ll be offered this trimester
  • How to pick the right care provider – the first time
  • What’s safe (and what’s not) in this trimester
  • What first trimester ultrasound can tell you (and what it can’t)

Click here for full details on the First Trimester Guide (opens in a new tab)

The MamaBaby Birthing Guide: Your 2nd Trimester

Your choices in this trimester set the stage for good health and a complication-free pregnancy.

I walk with you, step-by-step, as you go through:

  • An overview of your baby’s 2nd trimester development
  • Making sense of prenatal tests and getting the most out of your appointments
  • What’s safe (and what isn’t) during this trimester
  • Diet do’s and don’ts
  • A realistic look at exercise (for health and for birth preparation)
  • A guide to what you may be thinking and feeling
  • Natural help for common concerns during the second trimester
  • Where to start when your thoughts turn towards birth

Click here for full details on the Second Trimester Guide (opens in a new tab)

The MamaBaby Birthing Guide: Your 3rd Trimester

Your choices in this trimester literally build your baby’s brain and prepare your body for a safe, smooth birth.

I take you by the hand guide you through:

  • An overview of your baby’s 3rd trimester development
  • The crucial brain and bone development your baby is going through
  • Procedures you MUST refuse (and why – be careful, they may not tell you they’re doing one of these!)
  • What’s safe (and what’s not) during this trimester
  • Eat for health – stop pregnancy complications – before they start
  • Group B Strep (how to avoid it – and how to get rid of it if you test positive)

Click here for full details on the Third Trimester Guide (opens in a new tab)

The Whole Nine Months

You get all three video guides and all handouts in The Whole Nine Months package. Normally ordering all three of the guides separately costs $57.00, but by ordering the package you’ll get then entire bundle for just $45!


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