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How to Mother Your Spirited Toddler – Get Out of Survival Mode
and Discover How to Enjoy the Daily Adventure of Helping Your Toddler
Explore and Grow Into an Amazing Person

Dear fellow Mama,

Kristen and Corwin

Is your toddler an intense, energetic, amazing (and exhausting) little person?

Do you know your toddler has high needs, but you worry about balancing those needs with the rest of your family?

Have you learned to brush off the comments other people make, but secretly wish you could do something to get out of survival mode and find a way to thrive right along with your spirited child?

High needs toddlers usually start off as high needs babies and become intense, high-energy kids. You know your child is a unique and gifted person, and you want to foster this little one's needs...

...but you also really want to feel like you can take a minute to breathe, take a night to sleep...

Maybe you dream of time with your spouse, or outings in public without all eyes on you... maybe you even hope for another baby but can't figure out how you'd add another little one into the mix...

From one mama of high needs kids to another, I know you are not alone. We are not alone 😀

Let me give you some encouragement - intense, strong-willed kids turn into incredible people who become movers and shakers in society - and you know as well as I do that the world needs these movers and shakers! You are literally raising hope for the future <3

Okay - you know that, but it doesn't always make parenting these kids easy. Sometimes it's so hard you feel like you spend more time in tears than your toddler!

That's why I've put together a class that's as vibrant as your child - and full of practical strategies that really work for high-needs kids. This class will show you how to do more than just get through the day. You'll switch out of survival mode and get back to the place (or maybe find it for the first time...) where you really enjoy your child and feel like you're nurturing his or her unique personality. Your days will be full of life - and laughter - because you'll also find the peace that comes from successfully balancing your spirited child with the rest of your family and the needs of your home. This is a plan that keeps everyone, including your tot, healthy and happy.

Here's what you'll discover in this session:

  • The most important thing the parent of a high-needs, spirited kid (or kids) can be
  • Survival mode vs. Intentional Parenting for your unique child (yes, you CAN switch out of survival and give your child your best
  • How to find out what really works for your own child
  • Determining the difference between what your kids really need and what they can wait on - and how you can work the needs of your whole family into the day
  • Making naptime and bedtime work with a high-needs toddler
  • How to avoid using food as a bribe with intense toddlers (or with any toddler!)
  • You really do have time for everything in a day - even with your energetic tot in tow
  • It's common for high-needs kids to rule the family - here's Step 1 to bring peace and balance for everyone (while still meeting your toddler's needs)
  • What to do if you try to implement a routine and it's a total disaster (hint: this works, no matter how hopeless it seems
  • How to make sure you're addressing your child's special needs
  • Handling the reactions and "advice" you get from others
  • How to juggle a spirited toddler with a high-needs baby (and everyone else in the family!)
  • Tackling tough behaviors with love and sensitivity (note: how you do this impacts the adult your little one will become!)
  • What to do if your tot can't sit still
  • Quality time vs. Quantity time: which really matters more?
  • Streamlining home management and mealtimes while caring for your high-needs kids
  • Going out and about with an energetic toddler
  • How to have smooth, easy days - even with a house full of unique, high-energy people <3

We'll cover all these topics and more. This is a deep topic, but I've broken it down into practical steps so you can baby-step your way out of survival mode and into more smiles and more satisfying days 🙂 Plus, because this is live class, I've reserved plenty of time for questions. Your child is unique... I know, I have seven unique, intense, and amazing young people in my own home 😉 I want to make sure this class is everything you need so there's plenty of time for your questions <3

Imagine days where you're laughing with your toddler (rather than crying!). Mealtimes go smoothly, and BOTH of you are well-rested. You spend your energy finding creative ways to explore your tot's interests... maybe on nature walks, or at the children's library. Maybe the local children's museum, or the beach, or the zoo hold your child's fancy. Maybe it's something simple like homemade modeling dough, a book on the couch, or a bubble bath without tears. You can breathe easily and explore what really helps inspire and empower your child - you're finally doing more than just praying to make it through the day. That can be reality for you with your spirited child, or even with two, three, or more! Life is an adventure - it's time to live it with your tot in tow!

Usually I charge around $67-97 for in-demand classes, but I really want all mamas to have access to this class, so I've priced this class at just $27:

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