I really think that I should try to be thankful at any point in my life, no matter how tough it is.  But during pregnancy I always find it a lot more important to be thankful.  Or rather, maybe I remain more aware of thankfulness.

But you know that pregnancy is a time when it’s easy to get grumpy.  Morning sickness and exhaustion.  Aches and pains all over.  A built in heating unit (not much fun during the hot summer!).  And of course labor and birth, which can be quite uncomfortable.  And there are a whole host of other pregnancy “symptoms” that are easy to complain over.

Inward Focus in Pregnancy

But I’ve found that pregnancy is also a time when I’m more self-aware, and when I turn more inward and examine myself.  I always spend time mulling over things and even analyzing my own thoughts – that’s just me.  But during pregnancy a lot of women do this, and you may too.  It makes it easier to see when grumbling is clouding the good of pregnancy.

I was thinking today just how thankful I am that I’m in the second trimester now.  Not because I have relief from nausea (though thankfully it does seem better) – but because I’m truly glad to be here.  The possibility of miscarriage is much less now.  We’ve heard our baby’s heartbeat.  I can feel the hard little ball of my uterus now, and know it will just keep growing.

I am even pretty sure I’ve felt a few little baby flutters here and there.  Part of me can’t wait to feel strong kicks, hear my baby’s heartbeat again, to really be “showing” my pregnancy, to know my baby’s gender, to hold my baby!  But there is a big part of me that is just thankful I’m in the here and now.

Even as tired as I am, I am thankful to be here.

Important to Remember

I think it’s important to remember that during what may be uncomfortable parts of pregnancy.  I noted in Brennan’s birth story how I thought that being grumpy and ungrateful had tightened me up in the days before labor.  When I let go and remembered to be glad of where I was my labor finally got started. 

When I get grumpy now our days seem a lot harder.  When I remember just how thankful I am for what I have now the days go so much smoothly.  I’m still tired, and sometimes issues are still hard.  But it’s much better to remember how glad I am to be here, pregnant, parenting – just living this life – than it is to start whining and complaining.  It also helps me think of solutions for issues going on now.  It’s really a much better way to get through the day 🙂

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