Timeless Mama Moments

Baby on shoulder love!

Mothering is a tough job.  Really.  Days feel long – sometimes endless – and they’re usually pretty thankless.  But most of us wouldn’t give it up for the world.  Mothering a little soul is one of the most precious gifts we’ve ever been given – and it’s something to treasure every day, even on the tough days.  On those tough days, or just on the dreamy days, I like classic pics of mamas and their little ones.  They just make you smile and remind you of what a gift life really is.  Enjoy.

Timeless newborn moment

What a beautiful shot of mama and newborn.  Remember it’s okay to take time like this – just relax and enjoy your new baby.  Don’t get dressed up for anyone – instead give yourself permission to bond with your new little one!

My favorite babe

All of these pictures are timeless, but this one has that perfect feel to it, like the end of a great movie you want to relive over and over.  Not all days are so warm and sun-kissed, but we can still take moments to enjoy our children.

Mom and baby on billowing walkway

Sometimes just taking the time to laugh and smile, to spin and twirl, is what we need to do.  My midwife once told me that I should sing if I felt like the kids and I had a cold coming on because it would clear the sinuses.  I’m not sure how much that stops the cold, but it does lift the attitude.  I try and sing and dance when things feel tough, because nothing is more fun than watching your toddlers sing and dance along with you!

Mama and daughter on the beach

Some days just giving up and relaxing on the beach is the best thing to do.  Plus little kid beach pics are adorable!

Cuddling skin-to-skin

The newborn period can be so intense, and it seems to fly by so quickly.  Pictures like this capture that moment forever, reminding us to savor it – and to look back once those fleeting days are gone.

Mama and baby in scarves

Lookalikes are so much fun!!  Dress both of you up and give a grin!

Eskimo kisses

Nose rubs are one of baby’s first “kisses” and a great way to play with your little one.

Pretty in pink mama and baby

Holding a content, sleeping baby is one of life’s true joys.

Talking together!

Bright-eyed and alert, happy and chatty, it’s a great time to enjoy your baby!!  Happy and engaged one-on-one time is a great benefit of motherhood!

Sweet sleep nursing mama

Drifting off to sleep with your baby is such a precious moment (especially if someone else captures it for you).  It’s one of my favorite times with my new little baby.

Fun with newborn baby girl

More nose kisses!!  Baby feeling fussy?  Take a walk outside and enjoy the sun and the company!

Sweet mama and baby peeking

Have you ever had a day when you can just sit back and relax?  I know it’s fleeting when you’re a mom – but try and take some time to relax, sit back, and enjoy holding and watching your kids.

Golden mama and baby playing

Beautiful sun-kissed moments!  Enjoy being outside, being in the grass, and helping your little one explore.  Slowing down our lives to help them experience “firsts” is another gift from our children.  You may find your own gratefulness increase!

Mama and Baby matching in stripes

Isn’t this one adorable!!  More matching fun and it’s so sweet!

Perfect sun-dappled mothering moment

This is another favorite – it’s another one of those timeless moments – the joy of having an older child you can really run with, play with, and interact with… but still little enough to fit right into your arms 🙂

Sweet skin-to-skin moments

Spend time skin-to-skin with your baby, even after that initial hour after birth.  It’s good for you and it’s good for baby!  It helps boost milk supply and it helps your baby (even full term babies) grow!

Loving you is easy


Love these baby hats!

This baby’s hat is beautiful! Another thing to savor about having little ones – they have such cute outfits!

Mama and sweet squishy baby

Is anything sweeter than the scent of a newborn baby?  Probably only having a sweet sleeping baby snuggled up with you!

Holding little baby bear

Another hat, another newborn!  Another classic in black and white!

Mom and baby laugh in grass

Here’s a great moment!  Laugh together!!

Mama kisses grinning baby

Sweet little one looks very proud of himself!  It’s good to know our children are confident in us.

Mum and bub in black

Have you ever treasured those quiet moments when the world seems to revolve around just you and your baby?  Sometimes those moments arise right in the middle of feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the intensity of the first year, and they’re a sweet gift.

Playing with pots and pans

This one really IS a classic pic, and it really does remind me how timeless and wonderful the job of being a mom is!  So many connections throughout the generations!

Mama baby girl strolling the beach

Aww another sweet beach moment!!

Baby on shoulder love!

This one takes me back to picture from Spiritual Midwifery that I fell in love with even before I conceived my first baby – a little one sleeping over a mom’s shoulder just like this.  For some reason it enchanted me and made me want my own baby even more!

Checking baby in classic wicker basket

It’s so nice to see how excited they are to see you when you scoop them out of bed!

Brand new baby, brand new mother

This one is another beautiful scene that makes you want a baby – so sweet and new, with a newly postpartum mama.  It’s just so very real and so very gorgeous.

Black and white toddler fun

To be able to hold a sleepy, grumpy toddler and know you can comfort them… especially when they fall asleep in your arms, is so nice – and they look so angelic when you get them to sleep!

Black and white classic mama and baby

Beautiful – stunning – perfect!

Beautiful, timeless mama and baby

Here’s another timeless photo – so elegant! Make sure to get pictures you can treasure!

Baby massage

There’s nothing quite so sweet as baby-soft skin!  Lay down a moisture-proof mat and let your little one enjoy some naked time!

Amazed baby and happy mama

More joy in exploring firsts <3

Athletic mama and baby

Have baby, will travel!!

Baby on shoulder love!

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