Type 1 Diabetes and Natural Pregnancy and Birth

There is very little information on women with type 1 diabetes who want to take the most natural approach to pregnancy and childbirth.

I am interested in any information you may have on options available to type 1 diabetic mamas. Thank you!


It seems there’s not a whole lot of information out there, which is a real shame. I’ve looked pretty extensively since I first read your question and it’s hard to find anything concrete. Here’s what I did find for you:

A discussion about natural birth for Type 1 Mamas on Mothering.com’s discussion boards. Specifically, take a look at Post #10, a detailed post from a mama.

That thread links to a Home Birth story by a Type 1 mum in the UK.

It also links to this excellent and extensive thread with lots of information for Type 1 mamas.

I will keep looking for more information for you, as well and post here if I find anything!

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