Very Faint Line on My Pregnancy Test

by Gauri (Doha Qatar)

On my urine pregnancy test the other pink line (the test line) is so faint – does this mean I'm pregnant or not (because it's so faint!)


There's a saying on many trying to conceive boards: “a line is a line” – usually if your home pregnancy test shows a line, no matter how faint it is, it's a positive test!

If the line is absolutely gray there's a slight possibility that it could be what's called an “evaporation line.” But if there's any pink at all in it – which is sounds like there is, that's a positive test.

I have three boys, and they're all very faint test babies.

You can see pictures of my tests with Galen – the first is especially faint, and now he's a healthy, happy toddler:

My Early Pregnancy Tests

Congratulations on your positive test!

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